yoga with adriene

Day 26

Day 26! I believe that I started doing the 30-day yoga challenged exactly when I was supposed to. Adriene’s messages line up with exactly what I am thinking or dealing with. Today’s message was about letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. Also, today was another hard work out and I wasn’t getting some moves. As I said earlier, when I’m done this I am going to do 7 days of her current practice then redo these 30 days. I want to get better at the moves!

Back to the point. We all do this, I do this. Hold onto things or people that no longer serve a purpose in our lives. I was raised by a father who kept broken things around because one day he would fix it. Then the basement gets cluttered, my mom gets annoyed… well, guess what. I’M THE SAME WAY. To a certain degree. I will use things, even past their usefulness until they completely fall apart. Then I feel guilty about getting rid of them. I will keep books, clothing, etc, just in case. I will stay in friendships, even if they are unhealthy. Well… I used to. Last year, I started to change that, to get rid of things and people that no longer made sense. It’s a process and hard, but if we want to be happy, we need to do this. Sometimes we feel bad about it. Then Adriene says the words and you shake your head agreeing because somehow she knew exactly what you were suffering through.

Last night I had a lot of weird dreams. A few about a friendship I ended. I woke up feeling bad, wondering should I have given that person one more chance for the 99th time. Or was it the 100th time. I’m not sure, I’ve lost count. Then I did yoga. Then I reminded myself… that I’ve lost count. These thoughts, this guilt, no longer serves a purpose, so I’ve let them go. I have to. People are getting sick of hearing about it and I’m thoroughly sick of talking about it.

Right… there is a photo to talk about which somehow also goes hand in hand with letting go of things that no longer serve a purpose. That message is stand up for what you believe in. We are living in a time where we are seeing protests. Lots of protests. We’ve had enough and banding together in protest is a way to get our message heard. We need to learn from our Suffragette sisters. Do not back down until you get the solution you were looking for. Stand up for your beliefs and never, ever give up because you were told no!

Day 25

Day 25! How much am I enjoying getting up and doing yoga right away? A lot apparently. I forgot to turn the alarm off this morning, so I woke up thinking it was a regular day and not a holiday. When I clued in that it was a holiday, rather than go back to bed… I did yoga. Who am I?!

Today was a gentle practice. We often forget to be gentle with ourselves, to take breaks when we need it. We live in a chaotic world that doesn’t stop. We have access to news, social media and whoever we want to get in touch with 24/7. Things such as cell phones and social media can be a huge determent to our own mental well being. We need to remember to be gentle with ourselves and sometimes, turn the world off, even if for 30 minutes.
Everything about this picture makes me happy. There is a raven, a black cat, a baby Chuthulu, Edgar Allen Poe and H.P. Lovecraft. The only thing missing is a bat. I’m sure it’s there somewhere. I’ve read their work many, many times and I will read it many times more. It’s my happy place.

The other book I have read so many times that my copy is falling apart, is A Tree Grows In Brooklyn. It’s the book that inspired me to be a writer.

What authors do you read over and over again?

Day 24

Day 24! I can’t believe I’m on day 24 already! I honestly look forward to waking up and doing yoga every day. They say it takes 28 days to break or start a new habit. I’m 4 days away from 28, but I already feel this is now a daily habit. A healthy habit.

I LOVE B MOVIES! All kinds, from all eras. It’s why Zed Dulac and I started Killer B Cinema. We both grew up watching them. Though I loved them then, I don’t think I really started to appreciate them until I was older. The plots, the costumes, the badly written scripts! One of my all-time favourites that I NEVER get bored watching is Plan 9 From Outer Space. I love Ed Wood Jr. for not just this movie, but for his motivation to live out his dream of making movies. He was a fascinating person with an inspiring drive. When I want to give up on a creative project I will say to myself, would Ed Wood have given up. NO! So I don’t either.

Do you have a favourite b movie? A favourite genre? Who is still doing the Yoga Challenge?

Day 23

Day 23. Today was about focus and for me focusing on the good things. After the fat-shaming, I had to remind myself that I am in fact focusing on my health and working really hard to get rid of weight and get back to my healthy weight. My reminder yesterday was putting on two dresses I recently made. Reminding myself that I am almost two dress sizes down. When I made these dresses I actually made them 2 dress sizes down. It helped me focus on the fact that I am doing something positive. I’m running a make a vintage/vintage reproduction dress a month with two sassy vintage loving ladies. I am hoping that by dress 12 I will be at my healthy weight. I’ve included a current photo of me wearing the dresses.

Continuing on the theme of sassy ladies. When most think of Rockabilly, they think of the male artists and forget that women were a huge part of the beginnings of Rock and Roll and it’s continuation as Rockabilly. I love Rockabilly and Surf music. They are happy, be a rebel, get er done music to me and the women who are the part of it all, are exactly that, rebellious and getting it done! Wanda Jackson is a very recognizable name and she only recently retired from playing. We were lucky to catch her last show at The Cadillac Lounge. Other women you should know are Janis Martin, Bunny Paul, Sparkle Moore, Lorrie Collins of the Collins Kids, Jo Ann Campbell, and Alis Lesley just to name a few.

The photo is of Sparkle Moore.

Here are a few links:

Day 22

Day 22! Today is about love. Whether sharing it with someone or a day of self-love. I am going to do both today. I am lucky to have found my Gomez. I also need to show myself some love.

Today I am going to be kind to myself. The last two days were rough. They were a combination of grief and depression made worse by being fat-shamed yesterday. I just hope that today people use their words for kindness. Please remember that you have no idea what others are going through and cruel words can do further damage.

Today I am going to wash all of that off of me and do things I love today. I’m not going to write today, instead, do things that make me happy.

Coffee and classic movies.
Read some True Crime.
Dinner with my love.
A trashy B movie at Trash Palace.

If it was warm weather, we’d even fit in a bat walk, but that will need to wait until Spring.

Today’s photo is all about fur babies. They love you unconditionally. Humans need to take a lesson on how our fur babies love us. If we did, we’d live in a nicer society.

Day 21

Day 21. Doing it even when I didn’t feel like it today.

This morning, I woke up feeling depression creeping in paired with the beginnings of a headache. Yesterday once again showed me the awfulness of the human race. How vile and horrible they can be. During yoga today I tried to let it all go, but it’s hard. Every single day I wish that we could become a kinder and more compassionate society. I begin to see that happening and then the horridness of how humans can be, bulldozes its way back in again.

Through yoga, I’m learning to breathe again. With each breath out I am trying to release the negativity. I just wish people could take a moment to do the same before they speak or do.

Because of the way I am feeling, I wasn’t going to share a happy thing. Then I reminded myself, happy things are what keep me on this side of the darkness.

Spook Show, Midnight Spook Show, Spook Party, and Midnight Ghost Shows are a few names given to a popular form of entertainment from the 1930s. (another reason I love the 30s) What is a Spook Show you ask? “These mixed-media shows, held in movie theaters, utilized magic, special effects, and horror films to appeal to teenagers in the years before television.” (quote from The 13th Floor)

Oh, how I would love to get into a time machine and go back just so I could witness an original Spook Show. I know I have a few friends who would join me. In recent years a few artists I know have tried to revive the Spook Show and I have even considered putting one on myself (when I ran my cabaret), but nothing will ever compare to the original.

To learn more about Spook Shows, here are some links.

Day 20

Day 20! If anything else, by doing this every day, I will end up with strong arms and core. Holy Moley today was all about the core! Well, not all of it, but a lot of it! That’s gonna be sore tomorrow! Even when I’m sore or tired, I’m motivated to do this!

I may have a wee bit of an obsession with True Crime. This obsession didn’t start with the recent trend. I’ve been fascinated by it for a very, very long time. As a child I was (and still am) scared of clowns (that included Satan… erm Santa — creepy old man) and this led me to read about John Wayne Gacy. Along with reading about serial killers, I would also read Detective magazines along with the stack of Agatha Christie, Trixie Belden, Nancy Drew, and Hardy Boys books. You can’t say I wasn’t covering all the bases!

These days I listen to a variety of podcasts, documentaries and still read True Crime Books. It might be time to get my hands on some of those detective magazines again.

Who else has a True Crime obsession? How was your yoga session today?