Oh no! Not a yoga post! YES! A yoga post! This is also a post about achievement.

What have you recently been able to do that was hard to do a week, a month or a year ago? Today, I was able to straighten both of my legs for Triangle Pose. Yesterday I conquered my fear of buttonholes. (They still aren’t perfect, but I did it without hesitating — they normally give me anxiety). I may not have figured out how to build a rocketship (don’t do that, also the earth is not flat) or did a calculation to get us to the moon, but I did two things that I wasn’t able to a few days ago.

What were your achievements? What are you hoping to achieve?

Today I’m hoping to get another chapter almost done. I’m leaving early for an appointment so I can get some walking in. Tomorrow I am determined to do a full plank pose… even if for a few seconds. Your achievements or goals don’t need to be huge, they just need to make you happy!

Back to Yoga! Don’t think yoga can be fun! This is why I LOVE Yoga With Adriene! She makes it fun! She also has a Yoga for Zombies video too!

I decided to build my own 31 Day Challenge with her videos. I made the playlist public if anyone wants to do it with me! I’m starting with video #1 tomorrow. The last few days I was picking and choosing videos that went with my mood that day.

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