Stay The Fuck Home Get In Touch With Yourself Edition

Yes. I know this title can sound one of two ways… a bit sexy time with yourself or a bit hippy dippy. This blog post is leaning more to the latter. Sorry to disappoint those who were hoping for the former. You do what you gotta do!

Yoga Yes, I’m talking about yoga… again. Seriously, if you aren’t already doing it, do it! There are so many benefits to doing yoga every, single day. Your health improves, you get physically stronger, you tone your body, build muscle and flexibility. On top of that, it is really good for your mental well being.

Yoga With Adriene has amazing beginner videos. I’ve been doing yoga for years off and on (now permanently on) and every once in a while, I will go back and do some beginner yoga videos to make sure I’m doing the basics right. Here is a great video I did today.

Mediation A great way to ground yourself, to start to clear the cobwebs out of your head and to help move out those negative thoughts. It can be hard in the beginning to concentrate, but trust me, it gets easier.

Learn Tarot I have friends that do a card pull every single day. It helps to ground them. They also use the cards for meditation. Some of them do readings online (professionally) and if you want to get in touch with one of them let me know. Otherwise, you can learn how to do Tarot basics on your own. You can try free online courses or do a paid course by a Tarot professional such as Liz Worth. I have links below for both.

Liz Worth


Journal A great way to relieve stress and get things off your mind or chest is to journal. You could do it old style and get one with a lock and key (anyone getting flashbacks of catching your little brother or sister trying to open your diary), or just use one of the many journals you have laying around. You know, the ones you keep buying because you have always planned on writing a journal and you did it for two days and stopped. Did I call a few of you out. 😉

If you aren’t comfortable writing about how you are feeling, you could also make it about the things you are observing around you. Or, just use it as a way to put down a flowing of words. Write poems, dirty limericks. Just write something.

Kindness and Mindfulness We go through life being conscious (I hope you are) that we need to show kindness and mindfulness to others, yet, we tend to forget to do this for ourselves. Before this Twilight Zone episode that is now our lives started, most lived fast paced lives, never taking time for themselves. Now that everything has come to a halt, we have no choice other than to slow down. That however, doesn’t mean spending all of your time sitting on a couch watching Netflix. Do one or all of the things I listed above and in addition to that, take a long bath, start reading through that pile of books you keep meaning to get to. Give yourself a home spa day. Paint your toenails. Take an actual shower and dress-up! Sing a song at the top of your lungs, even if you can’t sing. Do good things for yourself.

What positive things are you doing for yourself?