Who the hell is Lizzie Violet?!

Lizzie Violet is a writer, horror aficionado, and lover of all things Zombie.  She was that creepy little girl you caught reading Poe in cemeteries & continues to do so as an adult.

Her shelves are filled with tales of horror, death & creepy little dolls. Those who visit her lair, beware, as there are horrific surprises lurking, waiting, anticipating.

Don’t let her sunny smile and quiet demeanor fool you.  Those are the creatures you should truly be watching out for.

Twitter – @lizzieviolet13
Instagram – @lizzieviolet13

Full Bio:

Writer, Spoken Word artist, and playwright, Lizzie Violet is an artist who is known for her dark themes of poetry, prose and storytelling.  Lizzie has been performing her Spoken Word on stages across Toronto for the past five years and has featured at Wordspell, Livewords, The Beautiful & The Damned and Wonder Women IV and V, Free Times Best of Open Stage, Pride, Plasticine, Secret Handshake Gallery, The Redhead Revue, ArtBar and Nuit Blanche.  She recently won the top poet award at The Best Originals for her original work.

Nominated for and runner up for Best Spoken Word artist 2015, Now Magazine Readers Poll.

Lizzie is a former editor for Tightrope Books (Fatty Goes to China by Royston Tester and several editions of The Best Canadian Essays) and Books of the Dead Press (Best New Werewolf Tales, Volume One).

She is currently working on a novel, a poetry manuscript and a radio play.

For more information about Lizzie Violet, ironic anecdotes and upcoming listings please check out her website www.lizzieviolet.com.

Print (Canada):

Chlamydia Is Not a Flower – CAROUSEL 30/31
Woman of Strength and Faithless – Northword
The Hum After – The Big Art Book
She Dances The Banda – Nest
Freedom & Choice – The Quilliad

In addition to being a Spoken Word artist, Lizzie is also an avid supporter of the literary and music community, producing shows that feature many of Ontario’s poets, Spoken Word artists and musicians.

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