Month: January 2020

Day 8

Day 8! I’m really loving Yoga With Adriene. I’ve never had an instructor quite like her. She is amazing. Today’s practice was about healing. Something I’m trying to do right now.

Last night I had a dream about a crow. It was mad at me and was flying around and following me, telling me that. I couldn’t figure out why or what I’d done to make it mad. When a crow appears in your dreams and it’s flying and following you it means that you need to let go and move forward. This dream and Adriene’s lesson today go hand in hand.

I lost two friends this year. One was a toxic friendship that I finally walked away from for the final time. The second was a beloved friend who we all lost to cancer. In one situation I am grieving deeply. My friend was young and restarting her life and cancer is a horrible, horrible disease. In the other situation, in the beginning, I was mad at myself for letting it go on for so long. The friendship was unhealthy for both parties. It was a good thing to walk away, but I still beat myself up over it when I shouldn’t have. Today I realized I need to heal from not only my friend who died but from the toxic friendship I ended. It’s also ok to talk about it, because… this girl… doesn’t like to do that.

Today’s photo is of a ghost. I believe in ghosts. I write ghost stories. We all have emotional ghosts. It’s ok to tell them to go to the other side.

Day 7

Day 7! Yah!!! Today was stretching and I discovered I’m waaaaaaay tighter on my left side than I am on my right side. It used to be the other way around. I also carry all of my stress and tension in my upper back.

I did my weekly measure in and after a week of yoga I lost some on my arms and legs. Not really surprised about that at all. What this shows me is I don’t use my core muscles as much as I should be. That will be changing.

Here are the inches I’ve gotten rid of:
Neck = 1
Arms = 1
Bust = 1
Waist = 3
Stomach = 8.5
Hips = 5 .5
Thighs = 4
Calf = 1

Let’s talk about Flappers! Since I was a little girl I was obsessed with them. I wanted to be one. I made my mother dress me like one. Why was I obsessed? I have no idea. I was a very young girl and I highly doubt that I’d ever seen a silent movie at that point. So, why the obsession? Was I Flapper in another life?

As I continued to be in love with the idea of being a Flapper I learned a lot about them. They were going against the system and how women were perceived. They dressed the way they wanted. Listened to music that was taboo. They did things that were considered ‘unladylike’. They stood up for themselves. Sound like someone you know. My love of Flappers definitely shaped who I am today.

What were you obsessed with as a kid that you still have a great love for to this day? Who did the yoga challenge today?

Day 6

Day 6 was harder and WTH happened to my core strength! Belly fat is not my friend. Begone belly fat!

I’ve been thinking a lot about being grateful. Grateful that I get to fulfill a creative life. Grateful for my family, the family I created and friends. Grateful to live in Canada. Grateful to find the love of my life. I know I go on a lot about it and many of you are making the barfy sound right now, but I am grateful that Zed Dulac came into my life. He encourages and inspires me. He gets me and most of all he willingly goes along with my mad plans.

Who joined in today? What are you grateful for right now?

Day 5

Day 5 in the bag! Do you like shiny things? I like shiny things. Do you know what else likes shiny things? Crows and Ravens!

I love Crows and Ravens! I swear that Ravens are my spirit animal. When I go to see my parents I am always out looking for them. There is usually a murder of them in the yard beside their house, some occasionally landing on the railing of their deck.

When we were in Japan, they were everywhere and massive in size. A Crow there was the size of a Raven here and they had this gorgeous purple sheen on their feathers. First thing I would hear when I woke up was the beautiful sounds of the crows cawing. I want to hear that every day.

One thing, not related to beginning yoga, but, something I am becoming, even more in tune with since starting, is mindfulness. I think I’ve always been fairly mindful of those around me, but being there with my friend Carlin‘s for her journey with cancer and her death due to the disease, I’ve really woken up about how I and others treat those around me/us/them. Even though we think we are being mindful, we can still do better. I think this is another reason I’m drawn to Crows and Ravens. They are mindful of each other, they have each other’s backs and take care of each other. Let’s be more like the Crows and Ravens.

Day 4

Day 4! Batastic! Truly! Four days in and already feeling stronger. I’m really enjoying doing yoga as soon as I wake up. I know I will do it and not have to feel guilty for the rest of the day for not getting it done. I’m not sure how, but coffee tastes even better right after.

Now back to bats. My fascination with these beautiful creatures began when I was a kid. One hot summer night we were outside playing tag. It was after dark and our yard was full of maple trees. At one point, one of the kids began freaking out because they saw a bat and was panicking because she was told they would fly into her hair and build a nest. While all the other kids were terrified of this, I was thinking, ‘Cool. Bats in my hair!’ Of course the ‘ooooooh scary bats’… put an end to our game of tag. I, on the other hand, remained outside, staring up at the sky wanting to make friends with those beautiful creatures.

Fast forward to late 2018. Our friends Thea Faulds and Adam Invader gave us a bat detector as a wedding gift. Because it was winter, I couldn’t use it yet, but as soon as late spring hit, we were out ALL the time. I even blogged about it and will do so again this year.

Since my discovery of bats as a child I have read anything and everything I could about them. Rather than be afraid of them I educated myself.

Day 3

Day 3! This morning was about doing things that are hard. Yuppers. There are still a few moves that I realize I’m not quite strong enough to do fully yet, but I will get there. But, that’s been my life. Do things that are hard until they aren’t.

Who joined in this morning or is doing the yoga challenge later today?

Today’s photo is sewing. I make many of my own clothing. Sew, knit, crochet. I also prefer to thrift instead of buying fast fashion. AND most importantly, make due and mend. I grew up with a mother and grandmother’s who promoted this. My mother taught me how to sew on a treadle sewing machine. The machine was built in 1898 and has been passed down from great-grandmother, grandmother to mother to me. My Grandma Betty taught me to knit and I taught myself to crochet.

Day 2

Day 2!!! Not gonna lie, my butt muscles were sore by end of day yesterday. Even though day 1 of the series wasn’t intense, I was using muscles in a way I hadn’t in a long time. It also showed me, I’m actually doing something for my health and well being.

Who else has or is doing the challenge today? Are you also on day 2 or what day are you on?

Clara Bow. Sassy, sexy and super talented. As a kid I was already in love with Silent Movies and one of the first actresses I was introduced to was Clara. She played by her own rules. She reminds me that we all need to as well.

Day 1

Over the next 30 days I am going to be blogging about doing the Yoga With Adriene. However, before you think, OH NO she’s turning into a fitness blog. I’m not! Along with my daily hurrah, I’m also going to write a little bit about myself.


I did it! Day 1 is done! But man, was I shakey! It’s been a long time since I’ve done yoga. It felt good to do it!

Who else joined in or is joining in today?

This is Richmond. He is my favourite character in the IT Crowd. I was that weird kid growing up, especially in High School. I never fit in. As soon as I started to watch the IT Crowd and that moment we were introduced to Richmond, I honestly connected with that character. I always felt like I was in a room, locked away from everyone else. The square peg that everyone tried to shove into a round hole. This is why I love Richmond.