Month: March 2013

life with more cowbell

Thought I’d take a moment to post about some ongoing/upcoming arts events.

Alumnae Theatre Company’s New Ideas Festival (NIF)continues this week with the Week Two program and reading (March 13-17), with Week Three program/reading running the week after (March 20-24).

Quick note on Saturday’s Week One reading of Falling: We had a packed house, with an audience who responded very positively and had some great feedback for playwright Jamie Johnson. Shouts to Jamie, co-artistic directors Pat McCarthy and Carolyn Zapf, director Ed Rosing, AD/SM Jake Simpkins, dramaturge Diane Forrest, sound designer Rick Jones, and fellow cast members Carys Lewis, Cora Matheson, Ruth Miller and Kristen Scott! And a big thanks to all the folks who came out to support the play, including friends and family – some of whom trekked in from Ottawa, Burlington and Hamilton. xo

The next edition of The Beautiful and the Damned is Thursday, March…

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A full, appreciative house was on hand for the launch of Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir. The show started well before the figurative curtain went up with Mullet the Zombie clown going table to table to warm up (or was that alarm) people coming to see the show.

mapplethorpe moment
mapplethorpe moment

Fate would have that I was the first performer for this first show – I started off the open stage with a couple of mythic pieces about growing in Cape Breton. a few more open stagers and then Jean-Paul Mullet did his zombie walk to the stage. Mullet is the whole package – excellent make-up right down to red contacts. More a story teller than a physical schtick performer, Mullet held us spellbound with his eerie canoe tale – we could hear the ‘wings of a raven over head.’

Next up was David Bateman who captivated us with several ‘creative nonfiction…

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I got stood up for a ‘date’ on the weekend. Something that was once an event that sucks but now … such is life. Sex and getting it, no long rules my life or even my sense of self. Not that I don’t enjoy opportunities when they present themselves, but the search – the seeking of opportunity no longer swallows all my time.

He was some guy who texted me on a gay ‘dating’ site and was very eager about meeting up, etc. etc. I take the whole process with an amused grain of salt. I’ve seen the same cock shots on different sites for different men apparently living not only in different cities but different continents. Yes I’ve looked – nothing warms up a sub-zero day like gazing at men in Brazil.

Guys on line are liars – who is shocked by that? I’m sure women are just capable…

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life with more cowbell

Writer/poet/horror aficionado/editor Lizzie Violet launched her brand new monthly cabaret – Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir – at Q Space last night. And what a fun, sexy and thought-provoking night it was.

The cabaret premiere included feature performers Mullet the Clown, David Bateman and Kat Leonard, as well as a very talented line-up of open mic folks. Music, comedy, spoken word, poetry, a zombie clown telling stories and performing card tricks – it was a mix of the ridiculous and the sublime, visceral and cerebral, personal and political, as these talented artists took the stage. Q Space is a casual, intimate, welcoming storefront place, with a cool, eclectic and creative group of folks – and it’s the perfect home for the cabaret as friends, fellow artists and neighbourhood peeps gather to support some incredible local talent.

Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir will be a monthly event, the second Sunday of…

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Empowered and what’s up next!!!!

This has been one amazing week!!!  It started with me hosting Wordspell on Wednesday, attending Supermen (part of Wonderfest) on Thursday, performing at Wonder Women VI (also part of Wonderfest) Friday night, seeing Cate’s play today AND tomorrow I burst the cherry for Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir.  And boy…. do I need a nap!  But it doesn’t stop there.  Up next week, another reading series I run with 3 other lovely performers, The Beautiful & The Damned, hosted by the amazing DM Moore! Then April 4th I am a feature at the Carousel launch for issue 31.  Though I am in issue 30 I will be reading my piece that is published in issue 30.  This entire week has been about empowerment through art.  I am also so blessed to have so many talented friends.  It isn’t just about friendship, it’s about how much we love and support each other. As an artist, I might be poor financially, but am a bajillionaire when it comes to the people in my life!

These are the upcoming events! More to come 🙂