Month: January 2015


The amazing Cate McKim!


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Being For the Benefit of Mr. K

And amazing night! A huge thank you to Duncan for putting it all together! xoxo



A packed, generous house at Glad Day Books made for a night of spirit lifting & reassurance for my friend Kyle Andrews & his dog Duke, after the destruction of their apartment by fire. Everyone was effected by this show of support by strangers for strangers, as it was the first time some of the performers had met Kyle, as well being the first time I’d met some of the performers.

coat hairy coat

I kept the talent lineup simple, even turning down some who had volunteered to perform. Too many performers makes for a less focused show, I thought. I’d rather four great songs by a great band than four great songs by four different performers. Plus less time getting people on & off stage.

All the performers respected my request not to do cover versions of Disco Inferno, Light my Fire, Burning Down The House, You Started a…

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Happy 2015!!!

Lots of amazing events to keep your January hot and sizzling!

January 11th Cabaret Noir! – Featuring Heather Macdonald, Whiskey Winter and Conflicting Plaid


January 18th Kyle and Dukey Fundraiser

January 22nd Hosting Wonderfest Poetry Series – featuring Bender (Jed Mimnagh-Kennific), Valentino Assenza, Alexandra Innes


January 31st Winter Wonderland at Hirut – featuring Valentino Assenza, Lizzie Violet, Lacey Wilson and Matt Gerber