Month: April 2012


It’s true, isn’t it?

This past week we held Wonder Women IV and there was so much love and spirit pinging off the walls of The Central Bar & Grill I felt bombarded by joy!

Wonder Women is a series of live events started by the uber-talented and ever-generous Wonder Woman Arlene Paculan.  She created it to help promote local talent and also raise awareness and funds for local charities.  For WWIV we joined with Red Door Family Shelter and Beverly Webb from Red Door attended the event to share the love and spread the word.

A highlight for me was when the beautiful Arlene Paculan covered my greatest hit Jockstrap and made it sweetly and sinfully soulful.
Here’s a link to the video: Arlene does Jockstrap!

Blurbs and pictures from WWIV can be found in the blogs of the following Wonder Women:

Four, hot talented women join forces…

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WWIV Awesomeness!

A photo of the features and Beverly Webb.

(from right to left – Arlene Paculan, Lizzie Violet, Kat Leonard, Beverly Webb, Cathy Petch)

Ellie Anderson… You make me smile so hard my face cracks!

This morning, I woke up to the below blog post from a woman I am equally not-so-secretly in love with. I first fell in love with this hot tamale the first time I saw her perform at The Central during a Songwriters Showcase being hosted by Marcus Walker. She is beautiful, talented, empowering and just so damn sexy! She is also one hell of a musician and slam poet! AND she inspires me to write naughty haiku’s. Please read her blog about Wonder Women IV, and get yourselves out to see her play. She is hosting the upcoming Get Your Groove On! Music and Poetry Night With Ellie Anderson @ the Jang Bang Bar on College, which I’m honoured to be part of.


life with more cowbell

Wow – what an amazing event last night at The Central! Four incredibly talented women joined forces with their music and spoken word/poetry talents to put on a fabulous show and support Red Door Family Shelter. I was working the merch table, and up taking pics with both my and Lizzie’s camera, only sitting down now to put into words the fun, support and talent in that room last night. If you’re in Toronto, check out The Central sometime – it’s a great space (and I enjoyed my burger and beer so, so much):

Lizzie Violet and Arlene Paculan took turns MCing the evening, with Lizzie working the raffle draws between sets – lots of very cool prizes: books, jewelery, art, music. Representing Red Door was Bev Webb, who came up to talk about the organization’s work assisting families, refugees and women in their escape from abuse and homelessness…

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Wonder Women IV

Tonight was beyond amazing! Thank you to everyone who came out! Everyone who donated raffle prizes, The Central, Red Door Family Shelter, Cate McKim for being our awesome merch girl, Myke Mazzei for doing our sound, our features Cathy Petch, Arlene Paculan, and Kat Leonard. I was honoured to be on the same stage as these kick-ass women and so very thankful for places like The Red Door Family Shelter! Looking forward to Wonder Women V!


Hey all! I am putting out a call to Vaudeville performers who are in the Toronto area. I will be posting more details as I have them, but please contact me in the meantime.

An idea of what I’m looking for:

Silent movie shorts
Vaudeville music acts such as 20/30’s style jazz and rag time
Victorian Parlour Magic
Literary burlesque (spoken word)
Vaudeville skits

Please contact me privately at

Cytopoetics Events

This may have been one of the most remarkable periods for spoken word and poetry slam in one local scene in the country’s history. Amazing event after amazing event, the Greater Toronto Area kept rolling them out for the people of this region, culminating in the incredibly entertaining spectacle that was The Last Poet Standing on Saturday night at The Great Hall (won by 2012 Toronto Poetry Slam Grand Champion The P.O.E. in an epic showdown with Tomy Bewick).

As one festival involving several Toronto based poets comes to an end (the Calgary International Spoken Word Festival) and another gets underway (the Canadian Individual Poetry Slam in Vancouver), we have seen a great movement of our local poets across the continent. After this week, everyone will be home and there will be great stories to share about a National Poetry Month that won’t soon be forgotten.

Here’s what’s…

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Got out to my first poetry cabaret since I went to The Beautiful and the Damned last month. I’ve been so in the thick of The Lazarus Kiss edits I haven’t been able to focus properly on poetry edits. The last few open stages I hit I used old material, so it was time to break out some new pieces. I have to be careful not to use prose edit attitude for poetry – even though story line is important in both – in poetry I try keep the language flow a little more playful.

I’ve been using my Kindle for readings to cut down on the amount of paper I have to deal with. Is the Kindle any better for the environment? Anyway – it is certainly easier to handle than loose pages at the mic. I bump up the font size, save it as a PDF & load…

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