Bonus! Aka Day 31

Bonus content! AKA Day 31. Don’t worry, this is the last daily post about yoga. Some have been loving my daily posts… some have been absolutely hating it. 🤷‍♀️

Today I did an intense video because I wanted to challenge myself and I also wanted to see how far I’d come. It was hard and I shook and there was a position I couldn’t hold all the way to the end and my legs are going to hurt tomorrow! Will they ever! However, if I don’t challenge myself and if we don’t challenge ourselves, what’s the point. I’ve gone through life jumping in to many situations because they would be learning experiences (good ones, sometimes they turned out bad). I would go for job interviews and not have 1/2 the skills required and say I did and when I got the job, busted my ass to learn those skills before showing up for day 1. Hell, I quit a day job to write full-time! Yes, a lot of it is scary, but… we have to not let fear stop us from trying.

When we were kids my Dad built a treehouse. I was scared to go up the ladder because I didn’t know if the treehouse would fall down. Once I got up there, I was terrified to climb back down and had to get my Dad to help. Two days later I stood at the bottom of that damn tree wanting to go back up into the treehouse. I had to talk myself into it, but I did it. I climbed up and yes the journey back down the ladder was slow and cautious, but after that point, I kept going into the treehouse. Yes, mostly to annoy my brother, but… you get my point!

This weightloss journey is one huge challenge. I’m doing it for my health. I went from being fit and slender to messing up my knee, not exercising, being sedentary and then whammo menopause. All of this had me put on weight. Now… I am fighting the battle to get it off.

Who is still doing the Yoga challenge? What have been some of your life challenges?

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