Stay The Fuck Home The Learn Something New Edition

Being stuck at home, doesn’t mean that you need to spend 75% of your time on the couch and 25% of your time sleeping. Take this time to learn something new. The other day I saw a butterfly and now I’m reading up on butterflies. If you love bats, last summer I did several blog posts about going out nightly with my bat detector. You could also pick a historical figure and learn about them. Learn how to build a model plane, train or action figure. Read up on science type things. Keep your brain active! Below is are a few of the things I’m doing!

Butterflies One of the most beautiful things to see is a butterfly. It signifies hope, warmer weather and new life. Butterflies start out as caterpillars and after hibernating, because floating works of art. Below are a few links so you can also read up on them.





Nell Shipman was a Canadian actress, author, screenwriter, producer, director, and animal activist/trainer. Her works often had autobiographical elements to them and reflected her passion for nature. Recently, we watched her movie Back to God’s Country. It was glorious. She was glorious!

Cross-stitch isn’t really a new thing for me, rather I’m relearning how to do it. I want to make art with it as well as embellish the clothing I make. Also, it’s a lot of fun!

Tips https://www.buzzfeed.com/elizabethlilly/cross-stitching-tips-every-beginner-should-know

Free patterns https://www.dmc.com/us/free-patterns-5041/free-patterns-5042/free-cross-stitch-patterns-5044.html


Aloha Wanderwell was a sassy young woman and an inspiration! https://www.alohawanderwell.com/

Container gardening is a great way to grow your own food, especially if you live in an apartment with a balcony. When I had a balcony I great a bunch of my own veggies and herbs. I loved planting them in the spring and watching them grow. Considering everything going on, learning how to grow your own food is a great asset and skill to have.


Soapmaking is a great way to make your own bath products, but a fun thing to do with your kids as well. Once upon a time I ran a small business that made bath products and bars of soap was one of the products. Again, this is a skill I am relearning.

With or without Lye — https://wellnessmama.com/60992/how-to-make-soap/

Drawing Lessons After years of not drawing, (I used to sketch and draw everyday) I picked up the pencils again about a year ago. Recently, I did a 30 Day Sketchbook Challenge and man o man do I need to relearn a lot! I’ve been doing a few online tutorials to help me get better again.



Silk Screening is another skill I need to relearn for both art projects and to make merchandise! I used to make my own t-shirts for a feminist website I used to run in the late 90s and it’s time to get back at silk screening.


What new skills do you want to learn or who are you reading about?

Stay The Fuck Home Entertain Yourself Edition

I’ve been seeing a lot of posts from friends witnessing way too many people out on the streets and in generally populated areas, including lounging in parks. Apparently, there are still people who don’t understand social distancing. The only times you should be going out is for groceries/supplies and exercise.

If you miss interacting with you friends, you can have virtual coffee or a Netflix Party. Platforms like Google Hangouts, Zoom or Facebook allow video conferencing.

As mentioned another fun thing to do is Netflix Party. https://www.netflixparty.com/

You can also live stream from YouTube or Facebook. Get a dance party going!

If you want to do things on your own, you can get caught up on reading or learn something new. Here are a few suggestions.

Open Culture has a TONNE of free ebooks http://www.openculture.com/free_ebooks

Go learn about ancient botany. https://botany.edwardworthlibrary.ie/ancient-botany/ancient-botany-2/

Take a virtual museum tour. https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/entry/virtual-tours-canada-museums_ca_5e7275c2c5b6eab77941338d

My friend Diana Coatsworth is teaching you how to do sewing basics such as sew on a button! https://www.facebook.com/diana.coatsworth.7/videos/10163201173745634/

Ask Sarah Has a lot of sewing tutorials and hacks. https://www.asksarah.com.au/

Draw something, even if you haven’t for years.

Find a cooking video on YouTube.

Do Yoga or some other form of exercise.

Dig out that copy of Macbeth you’ve had since High School and start acting out scenes.

Go through your closet and have a fashion show. This also helps you purge items you don’t need and someone else could use!

Learn how to do the CanCan! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL2g1WuuqKU

Adult Colouring http://www.openculture.com/2019/02/download-free-coloring-books-from-113-museums.html?fbclid=IwAR1exfo2aaUsahjbaGwue9yeJL9jhkPFVDkQFpGFCBspII4HMqHet0wyDg4

There are soooooo many things you could be doing at home. You don’t need to be out with your friends or meeting up in parks! Be responsible!!!

Sketchbook Challenge

Six days ago I started a new challenge. This time it’s to get my drawing skills back to what they used to be — currently, they aren’t that great. I will get back there and this is the perfect way to do it. Articulations — an art store and gallery in my area — is having a sketchbook challenge for the month of March. To find out more, click here. There will be a group exhibition from April 5th to 26th. Please stop by to check out everyone’s work. Here are a couple of my current drawings for this challenge.

Vintage Goth Girl
Memories of Japan
Purple Crow
The Haunting

My Social Media Diet

Many years ago I discovered something. Each morning I would leave for work in a fairly decent mood. I would be freshly caffeinated and ready to take on a new day.  By the time I finished my thirty-minute commute I was angry. In the beginning… I struggled to understand how or why my mood could swing in the span of leaving my front door and arriving at my job. What event was affecting my state of emotional well being?


Then it clicked.

My morning commutes usually had my nose deep into a novel until I discovered the free newspaper. I’m not talking about Now or Eye Magazine, I mean the mini edition of the news. It was a new phenomenon that had men and women shoving them at you as you graced the threshold of the subway station. Eventually, I was enticed and began reading them on the way to work. An unusual step for me and one I now understand I shouldn’t have taken.


Most of my life I have avoided the six or eleven in the evening news, it has mostly been a radio droning on in the background with my ears occasionally picking up the odd important bit of news. When the paper arrived I would pull out the entertainment, fashion or Arts sections of the newspaper. Something that drove my father nuts. Why waste your time on the fluff, the real meat was in the news section he’d say. You see, my father is a bit of a newsaholic. He will read the paper cover to cover and does so every single day.

Why was I avoiding the news part of the paper?

I have always had a dark imagination and can go down some very horrible rabbit holes and because of this hearing about the horrors of the world affected me greater than others. I’m sensitive to it. I always have been. Growing up during the 80s there was always a threat of nuclear war and that weighed heavy on me. I would go out of my way to avoid reading or talking about it. It upset me.


Fast forward to today and the news of the of the horrors of the world still does and to the point where it will throw me into depression. I realized this one weekday as I stared down at the free newspaper that was open in my lap. That was what was making me angry. That moment the bells went off and I chucked the newspaper into the recycling and haven’t picked one up since.

Oh… but wait… welcome to our new future. Welcome to Social Media.


When I first joined Facebook, I loved it. I was able to connect with communities, find new friends and check in on old ones. It was an actual fun place to be. Now… not so much. That fun went away when they added the newsfeed. In the beginning, it wasn’t so bad. It was generally full of horrible Meme’s and false worlds created by the user. Then… that all changed. My feed was full of fake news that people thought was real, photos of animals being tortured and many other awful, angry posts. People took on new personalities thinking that this platform was a free for all to shit out any and every thought they were having. Yes… I too was guilty of this until that moment when I realized I was doing it. I would try avoiding the feed, but it was always right there when you logged on. On a few occasions, I would deactivate my account only to realize I needed it to help promote events. I hated the fact that I relied on this social media platform to connect with audience members and communities. I hated being on a platform that wasn’t social at all.


Then I started feeling depression creeping in again. This time I knew what the culprit was but didn’t know how to throw it in the recycling bin. I wished there was a way to promote myself, my event and run my Vintage Groups without logging on. Someday I will find a way, for now, I have a temporary solution.

Wow… that was a long way around to talk about my social media diet….

I am now limiting myself to only five minutes a day on Facebook. It can be five minutes in one shot or over a few logons. But once those five minutes are up, that is it for the day. Oh… I also don’t look at the feed. As a matter of fact, all I do is check my notifications, my events, my groups and see if there are any other events I might be interested in and then I log off.  Let me tell you, not only has it lifted that heaviness I was feeling, I realized how much of my day was wasted on there. I now have chunks of time to fill in. I’ve started drawing again. I have dedicated time to sew my own clothing. I actually feel like being social again! I’m almost to the point where I don’t even need to log on at all. There is an app for messenger, there is an app to check my pages. I believe there may be one for events, now if they would just bring back the groups app!

Miranda, Carmen_04[1].jpg

This all said I do still use Instagram. The difference here is I customize what I see. I follow vintage, artists, and people I like. I am inspired by much of what I see. It is a happy place for me.

Do you also avoid Facebook? Are you willing to try the five-minute diet?