Day 4

Day 4! Batastic! Truly! Four days in and already feeling stronger. I’m really enjoying doing yoga as soon as I wake up. I know I will do it and not have to feel guilty for the rest of the day for not getting it done. I’m not sure how, but coffee tastes even better right after.

Now back to bats. My fascination with these beautiful creatures began when I was a kid. One hot summer night we were outside playing tag. It was after dark and our yard was full of maple trees. At one point, one of the kids began freaking out because they saw a bat and was panicking because she was told they would fly into her hair and build a nest. While all the other kids were terrified of this, I was thinking, ‘Cool. Bats in my hair!’ Of course the ‘ooooooh scary bats’… put an end to our game of tag. I, on the other hand, remained outside, staring up at the sky wanting to make friends with those beautiful creatures.

Fast forward to late 2018. Our friends Thea Faulds and Adam Invader gave us a bat detector as a wedding gift. Because it was winter, I couldn’t use it yet, but as soon as late spring hit, we were out ALL the time. I even blogged about it and will do so again this year.

Since my discovery of bats as a child I have read anything and everything I could about them. Rather than be afraid of them I educated myself.

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