Day 16

Day 16 and 11,365 steps!

For the first time since starting the 30 Day Yoga Challenge, I did yoga in the evening. (I still prefer in the morning) and after walking those many steps today, it felt good to do yoga right afterward. My hips needed it. What I am likely going to do, going forward, is after walking a lot, I’m going to do 20 minutes of yoga. It made my tired hips, legs and feet feel better! I’m learning a lot about my body since starting yoga again. If you are looking for a beneficial thing to do for your body, you may want to do this as well.

I have two Betty’s in my life that I love. My Grandma Betty (who is no longer with us) and Betty Boop. Grandma Betty was a badass and someone who influenced who I am today. I think about her every single day and always will. Betty Boop is an iconic cartoon that has the personality of a kickass, sassy pre-code dame. (I prefer the pre-code Betty) Again, this is another thing I was allowed to watch as a kid and for those who have seen this cartoon… it’s not for kids. But hey… she also influenced me and many other young women. Especially, when it comes to being sassy!

Is there a woman both alive and fictional who inspired you?

Day 7

Day 7! Yah!!! Today was stretching and I discovered I’m waaaaaaay tighter on my left side than I am on my right side. It used to be the other way around. I also carry all of my stress and tension in my upper back.

I did my weekly measure in and after a week of yoga I lost some on my arms and legs. Not really surprised about that at all. What this shows me is I don’t use my core muscles as much as I should be. That will be changing.

Here are the inches I’ve gotten rid of:
Neck = 1
Arms = 1
Bust = 1
Waist = 3
Stomach = 8.5
Hips = 5 .5
Thighs = 4
Calf = 1

Let’s talk about Flappers! Since I was a little girl I was obsessed with them. I wanted to be one. I made my mother dress me like one. Why was I obsessed? I have no idea. I was a very young girl and I highly doubt that I’d ever seen a silent movie at that point. So, why the obsession? Was I Flapper in another life?

As I continued to be in love with the idea of being a Flapper I learned a lot about them. They were going against the system and how women were perceived. They dressed the way they wanted. Listened to music that was taboo. They did things that were considered ‘unladylike’. They stood up for themselves. Sound like someone you know. My love of Flappers definitely shaped who I am today.

What were you obsessed with as a kid that you still have a great love for to this day? Who did the yoga challenge today?