Stay The Fuck Home No Yeast Bread Edition

Yeast is incredibly hard to come by these days. Here are a few breads you can make without it!

Soda bread

I really love soda bread. It works great for toast in the morning. I personally wouldn’t use it for a sandwich and I never add raisins. I hate raisins.
Link to the recipe —

Quick Breads

Corn Bread

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken is my go to for a lot of recipes and recipe inspiration. I’ve made this corn bread before and can confirm that it is delicious!
Link to the recipe —

Banana Bread

Everyone has frozen bananas in your freezer. You know… the ones you keep saying you are going to use in smoothies. Ya… those ones. Make banana bread! Here is one of my favourite recipes from The Post Punk Kitchen!

Pumpkin Bread

If you dig far enough back into your cupboard, I bet you will find a can of pumpkin puree that is about to expire. Maybe that is just me. If you do, here you go!

Zucchini Bread

Really all I can say here is YUM!

Gluten Free Bread

Yup. I was going to throw a gluten free one in here!

Stay The Fuck Home The Hack It Series – Yeast

Yeast. Another unicorn. Especially fast acting yeast. Along with flour, it has disappeared from shelves. However, there is a solution, you just need to put a wee bit of work into it. But once you have made the initial yeast, you will always have yeast. What the hell am I talking about? This wonderful thing called a sourdough starter/wild yeast.

So far, I’ve blogged about how to make your own bread and how to make your own flour, now I’m going to help you make your own yeast.

If you want to read my adventures in making sour dough bread, here are the links. To see how to make your own sour dough starter/wild yeast see below.

How To Make A Sour Dough Starter and How To Maintain It

This is a really good article on how to make your own starter/wild yeast. The one thing I would change about this recipe is use rye flour. You will end up with a much stronger starter and a better flavour. I originally tried using all purpose flour when I originally tried to make my own starter and it didn’t work. You really need a good whole grain. Spelt also works well, but rye has produced the best starter and bread for me.

This article will also tell you how to maintain your starter. When not using my starter for bread, I will feed it once a week.

Stay The Fuck Home The Bread Making Edition

When this all began, there was a wave of panic shopping that cleared the shelves of toilet paper, disinfectant everything and bread. We didn’t participate in any of the chaos. In fact I stood back, shaking my head in confusion, wondering why the fuck are you hoarding toilet paper? Shouldn’t you be buying non-perishable or shelf-stable foods? Our cupboards are always full of staples and canned goods. I have lots of flours and dried beans. I also grew up with a mother and grandmothers who practiced buying 2 of something when it’s on sale. They also knew how to preserve food and bake bread. Thankfully, I paid attention. Over the next few posts I am going to have helpful information on how to bake bread, cook dried beans and preserve. A series of homesteading posts if you will.

Currently, one of my favourite channels on YouTube is Glen & Friends. This channel focuses on easy to follow recipes and on Sunday’s post Depression Era recipes. Currently Glen is posting Pandemic focuses recipes, where the content focuses on using what you have in your cupboards and fridge. Glen also has several videos on how to make bread, including no knead bread. This type of recipe is for those who are new to bread making. Below is a link to that video.

If you are a little more adventurous and want to learn how to make your own sour dough starter I have written a blog post about that and the process of making sour dough bread. Click here.

Sour dough can be a time consuming process. If you want the shorter version, Glen & Friends also have a video for that.

If you want to get extra fancy, this channel has a play list you will like.

I go back and forth between using a bread machine and making sourdough from scratch. I gotta tell you, two of the things, I am really grateful that I own right now are three appliances, my breadmaker, Instant Pot and the pasta maker. Once people clued in that they couldn’t eat toilet paper, they started hoarding dried pasta as well. Below are a few breadmaker recipes, for those who have or who are going to buy a bread maker.

You can also do sour dough in the breadmaker.

Heck you can even make dessert breads in a breadmaker.

And pizza dough and doughs for rolls.

Redheads Writing in Cafes except when on their red couch

Well, I’m not technically in a cafe again today, although my home smells like one. A mix of coffee and sourdough bread baking makes it feel pretty legit right now. Speaking of bread baking. I have started a journey (which I mentioned before) into removing processed food from our lives and diet. Yes, it’s a hell of a lot of work and it will be worth it. My recent journey and science experiment was making sourdough starter and bread. I now have  an amazing starter going and am waiting for the second loaf I’ve made to come out of the oven. I get so excited when I take the lid off for the final bake and see the amazing oven spring. Each time I make a loaf I will get better at it. I’m still doing basic loaves and once I am confident that I have that down, I am going to explore other flavours, adding seeds, different shapes and get artistic with the scoring. I figure after about a dozen loaves I will have a good feel for it. To read more about my adventures, click here.  The next two things on my list to create are Vegan butter and Kombucha. I will be blogging about those as well.


Once the loaf is out of the oven and cooling, I need to put my big girl panties on and go out for a walk and fruit run. Once again the forecast is calling for rain. I know, stop whining, we could be having a drought. I’m sure you are all sick of my constant complaining about it. I’d just like a few days in a row of no rain, so I can actually go to a cafe and write. I’m hoping July is lovely and sunny. I live a few minutes walk from High Park and am hoping to get to the pool often. Several years ago, I hurt my knee and due to this, I am no longer able to go for runs, which was one of my main methods of exercise. Thankfully swimming is low impact. Not to worry folks, this isn’t going to become a blog about exercise. I only mention this in passing. I’m a creative, not a jock. Can you even imagine? I thought not.

Woman on a fainting couch, Chicago

My fella and I have been revisiting all of the original Twin Peaks episodes before we watch the new season (3). Last night my fella wanted to also watch Fire Walk With Me. I warned him it a) wasn’t necessary to watch and b) is terrible. We watched it anyway. I honestly feel that it was a movie that David Lynch didn’t need to make. I love his warped mind and insane style of filmmaking. I have and always will see whatever David Lynch makes, this movie, was not good. When it first came out, I think I rented it on VHS. It actually took me two attempts to watch it.  The first time I think I got about thirty minutes in and had to shut it off. The second time, my roommate cracked open a bottle of wine. I think that wine was the only thing that kept us motivated to watch. We had to cleanse our palettes by rewatching Blue Velvet. Thank goodness for Isabella Rossellini!

I’m back on track with my novel again. Yesterday I spent a good chunk of time sending out short story submissions and I may send a few more towards the end of the week. I have a few first drafts to pull out and work on, I may do that on Friday instead. By then, my brain will need to switch to something else for a few days.  What are other creatives currently working on? I’d love to know.


Until next time… stay freaky.