Stay The Fuck Home No Yeast Bread Edition

Yeast is incredibly hard to come by these days. Here are a few breads you can make without it!

Soda bread

I really love soda bread. It works great for toast in the morning. I personally wouldn’t use it for a sandwich and I never add raisins. I hate raisins.
Link to the recipe —

Quick Breads

Corn Bread

It Doesn’t Taste Like Chicken is my go to for a lot of recipes and recipe inspiration. I’ve made this corn bread before and can confirm that it is delicious!
Link to the recipe —

Banana Bread

Everyone has frozen bananas in your freezer. You know… the ones you keep saying you are going to use in smoothies. Ya… those ones. Make banana bread! Here is one of my favourite recipes from The Post Punk Kitchen!

Pumpkin Bread

If you dig far enough back into your cupboard, I bet you will find a can of pumpkin puree that is about to expire. Maybe that is just me. If you do, here you go!

Zucchini Bread

Really all I can say here is YUM!

Gluten Free Bread

Yup. I was going to throw a gluten free one in here!

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