Redheads Writing In Cafes — the ghost hunter edition

I am starting this post by saying how thankful I am for the Toronto Public Library. I’m researching for the novel I am writing and looking for specific stories of hauntings in my hometown. There are books out there, I just can’t find them online.  I can’t even find any information online, which is frustrating, I would think that someone would have blogged about them. I have also reached out to Facebook, hoping someone I know, knows… something. A few names were suggested, one of them is Diane Madden. The Reference Library has her books (for reference only) and once I am back in Toronto, I will be making a trip there to do some further research. In a world of everything being online, it’s frustrating when I can’t find the very specific things I need. It seems more often than naught, I’m finding myself going to the Toronto Public Library to get the information. Our libraries are vital and we should never forget that!


As I continued to browse through the library website, I found several books by Terry Boyle and John Robert Columbo about Haunted Ontario. All of these books are sitting on my bookshelf at home and though they didn’t include the stories I needed, I was grateful that I could access them online to check. Let’s keep our libraries alive!

The rain has been non-stop and yesterday we had thunderstorms off and on. Toronto even had a tornado warning. I’ve lived in Toronto since I was 18 and only recall this happening two or three times. Right now, it is pouring rain and windy. If it was a light rain I could sit on the covered porch, but even that is getting drenched at the moment. Instead, I am once again in the kitchen.


Last time we visited we bought our parents a Chromecast. I’ve been introducing them to the wonders of Netflix and all of the 1950s b-movies on YouTube such as The Night The World Exploded (1957). This 1957 sci-fi schlock movie was our rainy evening treat. Tonight I may see if I can find a Universal Monsters movie to watch or a copy of 13 Ghosts. If not, I know I will find something campy that will not disappoint.


My parent’s dog Flash has bonded with me. I’m not sure if it’s due to me being here for a week or because I gave him a cookie last night or maybe he just likes me. All day yesterday he followed me from place to place throughout the house and last night he decided to sleep in my room, snoring and farting. It’s been awhile since I’ve had puppies do that and it reminded me of my beloved Harley. I really miss both my furballs, I don’t miss the snoring and farting.


Today is also Father’s Day. I hope all the Dads or Dads to be or Dads who just haven’t discovered they are a Dad yet… that they are aware of… have a fabulous day.


Stay spooky…

Redheads Writing in Cafes #1

***I have added a new page to the blog. It is called Redheads Writing in Cafes. Here is the first entry. 

Redheads Writing in Cafes #1

I’m a full-time writer. I work for myself. I don’t go into a Corporate office space. I create my own content. I work from home. I am my own boss. This is my perfect job. This is my dream. There is, however, one problem.  When you are working at home, there are…. how shall we say, distractions. I don’t mean the television, Netflix, YouTube or other forms of entertainment. I mean laundry, cleaning, washing that sink full of dirty dishes, figuring out what to make for dinner, tidying up, re-organizing. As you look up from your laptop, you see all the things that need to be done. You still get writing done, but between the tasks that are staring you down and when you don’t complete them…. there is that pesky guilt. Now that the weather is nicer, I plan on finding my way outside my home to write.  In the backyard, parks, cafes.


As a full-time artist, writing in a cafe every day isn’t great for the change purse… I am considering a Kickstarter to help finance this endeavor. Feed my coffee addiction.  I’m sure others would be willing to give up a coffee a day to support my cup of coffee a day… right? No? Hmmmm….  All kidding aside, many well-known artists have written their novels, screenplays, plays and poems in cafes. There is a wonderful, addictive energy that fills the walls of cafes, not to mention the lovely wafts of fresh ground coffee beans and baked goods. Ok… now, I’m just making myself hungry. Focus. You need to focus.

The point of this new page is to write about what I’m writing about… while I’m in a cafe…. Maybe I could also convince other redheaded writers to guest write or join me in the cafe. I live in a neighbourhood that has cafes a plenty. I am going to try to choose a different one each time I write and let you know a bit about the cafe.

Today, I’m sitting in a cafe near High Park, looking out at the beautiful greenery, dreaming of the 1930s, listening to Edith Piaf’s beautiful voice, flow from the speakers. I am working on my novel as well as researching the 1930s. For some, being in a cafe would distract them. I drink in the energy that surrounds me, which is the complete opposite of when I am at home writing. At home, I need the sounds of televisions and stereos turned off, the windows open, so the sounds of the outside, find their way to my ears.

The cafe I’m in is Hannah’s Cafe and Bakery. They have a really nice dark roast and I’ve had their lattes. The staff is friendly and the cafe itself spacious. Recently we came here for a writing workshop. I’m Vegan and they have soy milk, they have some Vegetarian sandwiches and salads that can be made Vegan, however, the baked goods are not Vegan. Once you are done writing, you can hop across the street to High Park.

I’m lucky to live in such an amazing neighbourhood. I am a brief walk away from the best park in the city, shopping, bars, restaurants and groceries. The hood is also home to literary and art events. There are writers, painters, musicians, visual artists, burlesque dancers, and other artisans who call this area home. Most importantly, there are cafes a plenty and if you get lucky, you may walk into the one with the Redhead.  That might be an idea for a treasure hunt. Find the cafe with the Redhead who’s writing.

Redhead’s writing in cafes.


Change change change….

Today felt like two steps back…

One of the problems with being a freelance writer/editor, is financially, it can be difficult. I’ve had to do some reviewing of my financial situation. Ugg! Why can’t someone just drop a large bag of money at my door! That’d be schweet. Since that isn’t going to happen anytime soon, it’s time to tighten the belt, cancel unnecessary expenses (oh netflix how I’m going to miss you) and consider other, temporary means of income… meaning I think I have to go back to bar-tending or gulp, waitressing to supplement my income. I’ve given myself a deadline. I have till the end of October to be generating enough income as a freelance artist to survive, and if not, the hunt for part-time work will have to commence. I’m even considering moving and sharing accommodations if need be. I’d prefer it didn’t come down to me having to do that, but… what’s a girl going to do.

In the meantime, I am figuring out how to do things for either free… or minimal cost.

I have to breath… it will all work itself out. It always does…

I’m going to take advantage of you insomnia

Dear Netflix,

I’ve made a very important decision. Bleary eyed and possibly delirious, you are my reliable friend who will help me through the night.

Since this evil co-hort, I like to call asshell is stalking me and tormenting me as I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling begging to be left alone, I am going to attack this a different way. Yup. I have a plan.

I figure by 11ish I will have drained my brain of any coherent words that are still wandering around in there. There is a bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on it. {anyone about to tell me I shouldn’t drink alone, screw you, unless you plan to come and drink with me at 2 am, shuttie!}

Now here is where you come in Netflix. Are you ready. I have a long list of movies we are going to watch together, rather I’ll be watching on you, but… I digress…

First up…
Super High Me. Come on, it looks hilarious. It’s the same concept as Supersize me, except with pot.

next up…
Star Trek, yup, the 2009 one. It rocked hard in the theatre and is going to rock hard on TV tonight

but I’m not done yet…
Cashback. Ya, it looks bad, but it falls within my life’s theme {An aspiring artist develops insomnia and takes a night-shift job at a store. He soon discovers that he can freeze time and begins disrobing customers. }

then… I know, yet more
a music documentary of some sort

I have 2 bottles of wine and a few cans of cider left, that should get me till dawn… and if I haven’t jumped off my balcony due to complete delirium… I have a shit load of 3 Stooges I PVRed.

Then I should be all fresh and zombie like and ready to edit again.

Screw you insomnia.

Love Lizzie