I’m going to take advantage of you insomnia

Dear Netflix,

I’ve made a very important decision. Bleary eyed and possibly delirious, you are my reliable friend who will help me through the night.

Since this evil co-hort, I like to call asshell is stalking me and tormenting me as I lay in bed, staring at the ceiling begging to be left alone, I am going to attack this a different way. Yup. I have a plan.

I figure by 11ish I will have drained my brain of any coherent words that are still wandering around in there. There is a bottle of wine in the fridge with my name on it. {anyone about to tell me I shouldn’t drink alone, screw you, unless you plan to come and drink with me at 2 am, shuttie!}

Now here is where you come in Netflix. Are you ready. I have a long list of movies we are going to watch together, rather I’ll be watching on you, but… I digress…

First up…
Super High Me. Come on, it looks hilarious. It’s the same concept as Supersize me, except with pot.

next up…
Star Trek, yup, the 2009 one. It rocked hard in the theatre and is going to rock hard on TV tonight

but I’m not done yet…
Cashback. Ya, it looks bad, but it falls within my life’s theme {An aspiring artist develops insomnia and takes a night-shift job at a store. He soon discovers that he can freeze time and begins disrobing customers. }

then… I know, yet more
a music documentary of some sort

I have 2 bottles of wine and a few cans of cider left, that should get me till dawn… and if I haven’t jumped off my balcony due to complete delirium… I have a shit load of 3 Stooges I PVRed.

Then I should be all fresh and zombie like and ready to edit again.

Screw you insomnia.

Love Lizzie

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