Stay The Fuck Home The Things I’m Going To Do When I No Longer Need To Stay The Fuck Home Edition!

Many are beginning to go a bit stir crazy now that we are 3 weeks into this pandemic, especially for you extroverts! I personally, am doing ok. I’m an introvert and have always been ok with spending time at home. There are things I do miss, I do enjoy being outside in the big blue room, over the last few years I’ve come to realize that my little goth heart actually does need some sunshine. Along with continuing to do creative and household things to stay busy, I’ve started creating a list of the things I want to do once we are on the other side of this thing.

See friends and family One of things I do miss is seeing my friends up close and personal. These friends are also considered my family. We have been having virtual phone dates, but it isn’t quite the same. One of the first things I hope we can do is get together for dinner and drinks!

Buy fabric! In order to keep busy, I’ve been finally finishing off a few sewing projects I had started, along with continuing with the Sew A Vintage Dress A Month Challenge. By the time this is all over, I will have sewn through my entire fabric stash. I’m actually getting close to the end of it, as I write this. I know I can order online, but I need to see and touch the fabric before I buy it.

Yoga in the park Last summer when we were walking through High Park, I noticed that there was a large group of people doing yoga. It is a weekly event. I have googled it and unfortunately can’t find any info, but as soon as the park opens again, I’m sure they will be back at it. Once I find out more, I can add it info here.

Eat out at my favourite places I have a bunch of places in our hood and around the city that I love to eat at. Some of my absolute favourites in my hood are See-Scape, Curry Twist, La Rev, Whelan’s and Thai by the Park. Close to me is the Skyline. In the west end of Bloomers, Machino Donuts and Discgraceland. I can’t wait to get back out and support them!

Killer B Cinema We’ve really been missing hosting our monthly event at See-Scape! In the meantime we are working on launching a YouTube Channel.

Walk through High Park I love that we are only minutes away from this park. In summer I love walk there, sitting somewhere to write or sketch, have lunch at the restaurant or take photos of all of its beauty. I’m also determined to go swimming in the pool this year.

Silent Movies I miss going to the monthly Silent Revue at The Revue and was looking forward to The Silent Film Festival that was happening in April. It’s ok though, all of these things have been rescheduled.

Long Walks through the city I love going on long walks. I love going on long walks through Toronto, stopping for lunch and taking in the hustle and bustle of the streets. Once we are able to, we will be taking the longest walk we have yet!

Go to the Island It’s been TWO YEARS since I have been to the island. Spring/Summer flooding has stopped most of use from going there. I’m hoping when all of this is over, the island will be an option for us this year!

Visit my parents My usual spring visit to my parents has to be put off due to the pandemic. Every few months I try to get up to their place and stay for a week. Am hoping by summer I can actually do this.

Picnic I’ve been craving a picnic! Anywhere!

Finally wear all of the lovely clothing I’ve been making As I’ve mentioned a few times in the blog, I’ve been sewing and knitting up a storm. I can’t wait to finally wear all of these lovely garments.

Have a BBQ with friends Last but not least, once we are out of this, we will be having friends over for a BBQ! Oh yes we will!

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