Stay The Fuck Home Make Your Own Nut Butters & Plant-based Milk Edition

Along with toilet paper, one of the first things to disappear from the shelves in grocery stores was nut butter and milk. For many years now, I’ve been making my own nut butters and when in need I will also make my own oat or cashew milk. Heck I’ve even made my own soy milk. All of these things are really easy to make AND a lot cheaper cost wise than buying the store bought versions. To make nut butters you will need either a food processor or a blender, though I strongly suggest a food processor, only because it is easier to get the nut butter out of the container. For plant-based milk you will need a blender.

Below are some YouTube videos and recipe links.

Nut Butters

Minimalist Baker

Simply Quinoa

Skinny Taste


How to make almond butter.

And if you want to change it up, here is a video on how to make Nutella!

Plant-based Milk

Sustainably Vegan

Simply Vegan Blog

One Green Planet

The Green Creator

The Edgy Veg

The Whole Food Plant-based Cooking Show

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