Contrary to belief

Apparently…. I can grow tomatoes on my balcony. I wasn’t sure it could be done, my balcony gets minimal sunshine. Though they have taken longer than most tomatoes, they are starting to get ripe! YEAH ME!

The top photo was from yesterday and the one below it from today. Here’s hoping in a couple of days I can eat that baby!!! I’ve also added a few others just below that. At least my balcony makes me happy.


  1. Looks good – the ones we grew on our terrace were some of the best I’ve ever tasted… can’t wait until we can start a larger scale veggie garden next spring!

  2. The cherry tomatoes were AWESOME and are still producing.

    These will be a bit smaller than they should be as well, but… I succeeded!

    That is what I miss about being in a house… the garden 😦

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