Spook Party

Day 21

Day 21. Doing it even when I didn’t feel like it today.

This morning, I woke up feeling depression creeping in paired with the beginnings of a headache. Yesterday once again showed me the awfulness of the human race. How vile and horrible they can be. During yoga today I tried to let it all go, but it’s hard. Every single day I wish that we could become a kinder and more compassionate society. I begin to see that happening and then the horridness of how humans can be, bulldozes its way back in again.

Through yoga, I’m learning to breathe again. With each breath out I am trying to release the negativity. I just wish people could take a moment to do the same before they speak or do.

Because of the way I am feeling, I wasn’t going to share a happy thing. Then I reminded myself, happy things are what keep me on this side of the darkness.

Spook Show, Midnight Spook Show, Spook Party, and Midnight Ghost Shows are a few names given to a popular form of entertainment from the 1930s. (another reason I love the 30s) What is a Spook Show you ask? “These mixed-media shows, held in movie theaters, utilized magic, special effects, and horror films to appeal to teenagers in the years before television.” (quote from The 13th Floor)

Oh, how I would love to get into a time machine and go back just so I could witness an original Spook Show. I know I have a few friends who would join me. In recent years a few artists I know have tried to revive the Spook Show and I have even considered putting one on myself (when I ran my cabaret), but nothing will ever compare to the original.

To learn more about Spook Shows, here are some links.