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Stay The Fuck Home Vincent Price Edition

There are three actors that I had major crushes on when I was younger. Harold Lloyd (silent film star), Jon Erik Hexum and Vincent Price. Yes, that sounds like a mixed bag, but they all had a uniqueness that had me crushing hard. I know… I know… you need more info than that.

Harold Lloyd had an adorable awkwardness about him. Watch any of his movies (Girl Shy, The Freshman or Why Worry) and you will get it. Jon Erik Hexum… his time travelling, swash buckling hero character of Phineas Bogg got my heart a pitter pattering. But Vincent, Vincent Price was this horror loving, spooky story girl favourite.

Vincent Price was not only the voice of many radio plays, he was a Film Noir star and a campy horror god! I’ve long been a fan of his horror movies and radio plays, but it wasn’t until recently that I have really gotten into his Film Noir movies. I highly recommend Shock!, Laura and The Long Night. Here is a link to some more of his well known Film Noir roles. Check them out, you won’t be disappointed. However, it’s his horror films that we know and love him for the most.

However, before I get to the horror stuff, I need to talk about the Vincent I remember from my childhood. If you are not Canadian you many not be as familiar with this as we are. There are box sets out there of the entire series, you need to go buy them. What am I talking about, well, The Hilarious House of Frightenstein of course! This show, along with the Addams Family were my favourite things to watch. They were dark, funny and I loved all of the characters. I also love that it is a Canadian show filmed in Hamilton.

Then comes The Last Man On Earth. This is still one of my favourite of his horror movies along with The House On Haunted Hill, The Witchfinder General, The House of Wax, The Pit and The Pendulum, The Bat, Theatre of Blood and The Fly. There are so many more, but this post will end up being really long!

Let’s not forget that Vincent also loved to cook! He and his wife Mary created a cookbook called A Treasury of Great Recipes! Oh how I would love to get my hands on a copy! My birthday is coming if anyone is looking for gift ideas!

Stay The Fuck Home The Radio Play Edition

The time we are living in right now, reminds me of movies and documentaries from the Great Depression, up until the 1950s when families would all be around the large radio listening to radio plays together. I’ve always loved Old Time Radio shows and plays and have been listening to them so long that I actually don’t remember when I started listening to them. I also have a first draft of a radio play I wrote a few years ago. I need to dig it out, finish it and it might be time to start recording our own!

Here is a list of some of my favourite radio plays and channels.

The Horrors (channel) https://player.fm/series/the-horror-old-time-radio

The Tell Tale Heart (episode) https://player.fm/series/the-horror-old-time-radio/the-tell-tale-heart-by-nightfall

The Wendigo (episode) https://player.fm/series/the-horror-old-time-radio/the-wendigo-by-theater-1030

The Demon Tree (episode) https://player.fm/series/the-horror-old-time-radio/the-demon-tree-by-dark-fantasy

Boxcar 711 (channel) https://player.fm/series/boxcars711-old-time-radio-pod

The Great Detectives (channel) https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio

Dragnet (I love, love, love this series) https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/dragnet-production-7-aka-the-attempted-city-hall-bombing-jack-webb-centennial

Johnny Dollar https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/ep3091-yours-truly-johnny-dollar-the-sidney-rykoff-matter-rehearsal

The Whistler https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/the-whistler-danger-is-a-beautiful-blonde-jack-webb-centennial

The Man Called X https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/the-man-called-x-the-quinine-contract-letter

Lux Radio Theatre https://player.fm/series/lux-radio-theater

Boston Blackie https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/boston-blackie-the-professor-and-rufus-blow-a-safe

Rocky Jordan https://player.fm/series/otr-detective-the-great-detectives-of-old-time-radio/rocky-jordan-valley-of-the-dead

Relic Radio (channel) https://player.fm/series/relic-radio-old-time-radio

The Zero Hour https://player.fm/series/relic-radio-old-time-radio/the-zero-hour-and-escape

Rocky Fortune and The Avenger https://player.fm/series/relic-radio-old-time-radio/rocky-fortune-and-the-avenger

Fibber McGee and Molly https://player.fm/series/fibber-mcgee-and-molly-show-2391443

Box 13 (Channel) https://player.fm/series/thrillers-old-time-radio

Dime a Dance https://www.escape-suspense.com/2008/11/suspense-dime-a-dance.html