Girl Bands… Boy Bands and Vegan Thanks Ghouling

Have you looked outside yet… it’s stunning! The entire weekend will be and after two months of suffering from depression, I’m FINALLY feeling like my evil, naughty ole self.  It took a visit with my parents, realizations about the kind of people I want in my life and the love of a couple human Kitty Kats to finally snap me out of it.  Actually, the love of a couple human Kitty Kats who never judge, love life and hell… I’m doing it… saying it…. ‘Girls Just Wanna Have Fun!’

A bunch of amazing stuff has happened this week and a few not so amazing.  The awesome, Nuit Blanche, TT with Kat performing, and I’m now helping out with a festival project that makes me grin’n ear to ear happy!  One of my lovely Kitty Kat’s, Kat, is part of the Love & Obsession Theatre Festival.  She introduced me to the organizer and I’m now helping out with promotion. Kat will be remounting A Depper Kind Of Love and that alone makes me smile!  I’ve also been working my arse off on a column idea I have and will hopefully be submitting it soon for consideration, have met some absolutely amazing people over the last 2 weeks and made some great connections.  Things are really looking up again!  Aside from the couple things that happened in the last few days, things that caused me unnecessary stress, the dark clouds have lifted.  It all comes down to wishing people would think before they speak or text.  Words can be painful and once said or texted, can’t be undone, no matter how sincere the apology.  I’m like an elephant and remember those words.  I’m trying not to dwell and will hopefully turn the negative into the positive.  Sometimes walking away from people and situations is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Now onto girl bands.  Tonight I’m heading out for a girls night.  Though still stink ass broke, I can’t hide in my apartment.  I need to be out and participating in life.  Enjoying it, eating it up!  It was brought to my attention, that tonight, I will be hanging with Kat, Cathy and Cathy….  Joking I started coming up with band names… this had everyone else… coming up with band names.  Kat and the Cathy’s all have musical talent and if I’d get off my arse and re-learn the guitar… well…. For now, we will just go out, drink our faces off and drool over boys.  Maybe we will come up with a song about going out, drinking and drooling over boys… Oh dear… I really do feel the beginnings of a Girl Band…

Tomorrow’s gonna hurt…but really, who cares.  It’s Vegan Thanks Ghouling and I get to see some of my favourite Ghouls and my Dealing!  Tofurkey, Halloween and Booze all go hand in hand with what tomorrow stands for.

Ok.. back to it.  I have work to do… pies to bake!

Enough is enough…

I need to pull myself out of this funk. Enough is enough. After a conversation yesterday, about swimming with sharks, then watching Jaws again, I realized, they don’t just roll over and die. As a matter of a fact if a shark smells blood, it will seek it out till it finds it. There are things in this life that I want, and I need to be the shark if I’m going to get them.


I’m going to pull my sorry ass together, download the slush pile to my e-reader and go find a patio and read. A beer in my hand and the sun on my skin is what this girl needs right now. I also need a million dollars, but one goal at a time.

This morning as I lay in bed, not sleeping and frustrated, I realized part of my depression this week, has been due to me putting up with other peoples BS, issues and paranoia. I can’t do that anymore. Love and respect need to be earned and not taken for granted. I’ve allowed people to take me for granted for too long. I’m too accommodating and I just can’t any longer.

Before I can go outside, I need to get some editing done. Music always makes me happy, so I have Pat Benetar blasting in the background. She is a sweet little kick in the ass.

Social Media VACAY

So… am posting here. Easier. This way it goes out to all Social Media outlets.

I’m off all Social Media till Sunday, if not longer. It’s too much of a distraction and am finding it’s adding to my current frustrations. Last time I took a break, I accomplished mountains of work, actually found time to visit with friends, was able to read books that I wasn’t editing and felt my stress level dissipate. It’s funny how this so called product, to help us socialize; communicate and network, actually makes us feel like crap; stresses us out and wastes precious time. The same reasons I refuse to get an iPhone.

Once upon a time, in a world before Facebook, if you wanted to get a hold of me, you called; texted; emailed or… and here’s a concept that seems to no longer exist, actually hung out with me or came to my place. I KNOW… in a place long, long ago, people used to just show up at my door with beer. Weird huh?

And… for those of you who apparently can’t figure out how to get a hold of me other than Facebook… there is this little thing called the profile page on Facecrack… with all sorts of alternate ways to get a hold of moi.

It’s a bit scary how many ways you can get a hold of me… OTHER… than Facebook and Twitter… let me name the ways… Skype, email, text, call, yahoo chat, MSN chat, BlackBerry Messenger (all you have to do is send me your pin), visit me, stand outside my window and holler up to me… It’s true… I really can’t escape from any of you.

I’ve turned all my notifications off and won’t be checking in till Sunday evening.

Good luck and may the force… or what ever helps you get through the day… be with you.

Later… Lizzie!

Lizzie… Lizzie quite contrary…

… how does your garden grow!  Quite well it seems, well except for my Basil plant, one day it was fine, the next… not.  It seems something, or some little critter decimated the entire thing. Oh, and I killed my lettuce, apparently if you miss a day watering, it dies.  Looks like I’ll be replanting that baby!  Aside from that, my little balcony garden is doing quite well.

Some of my cherry tomatoes are ready to pick and will be going in mah bellah tomorrow!  When I was in Kensington yesterday with Viki and Janis, I picked up some fresh Ontario veggies and tortilla’s.  Am thinking the lettuce and cherry tomatoes from my balcony, along with home made burrito’s will be on tomorrow’s menu!  Sat-Mon will be a 3 day work-a-thon and tasty sustenance will be required…

Get in mah bellah!

In other news will be hitting an outdoor play tonight (Lysistrata) and a few beers on a patio, with my ladies!  I have to say, this has been one of the best summers I can remember in quite some time.  Now if I could just get the millions rolling in 😀