Lizzie… Lizzie quite contrary…

… how does your garden grow!  Quite well it seems, well except for my Basil plant, one day it was fine, the next… not.  It seems something, or some little critter decimated the entire thing. Oh, and I killed my lettuce, apparently if you miss a day watering, it dies.  Looks like I’ll be replanting that baby!  Aside from that, my little balcony garden is doing quite well.

Some of my cherry tomatoes are ready to pick and will be going in mah bellah tomorrow!  When I was in Kensington yesterday with Viki and Janis, I picked up some fresh Ontario veggies and tortilla’s.  Am thinking the lettuce and cherry tomatoes from my balcony, along with home made burrito’s will be on tomorrow’s menu!  Sat-Mon will be a 3 day work-a-thon and tasty sustenance will be required…

Get in mah bellah!

In other news will be hitting an outdoor play tonight (Lysistrata) and a few beers on a patio, with my ladies!  I have to say, this has been one of the best summers I can remember in quite some time.  Now if I could just get the millions rolling in 😀

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