Magic and appreciation…

It’s funny how ones week can go from craptastic to spectacular in the blink of an eye. My week started out with me stressing about how to pay rent at the end of the month and is ending with me grinning ear to ear.  I know, I know it’s only Saturday morning, the week isn’t quite over yet.  There is still another day of awesomeness ahead. Yet, I feel I need to be vocal right now.

I wrote off Monday and rebooted my week with Tuesday.  A night of live music and debauchery was exactly the magic ingredient to restart, recover, redo. It was also a night that reminded me, I have some pretty damn amazing people in my life, people who have inspired me to start performing again, people who inspire me to be a better person, people who inspire me that true love is having people in your life who love you back with the same amount of passion and vigor, people who push you for the good, not to put you over the edge.  I went through a period of stage fright, but the gentle prodding of someone dear to my heart convinced me to get over that fear and get back on the stage.  Because of him I did an open mic and am now not only doing features for my poetry, but producing and co-producing shows. It doesn’t stop there, since meeting him, there has been a snow ball that has turned into an avalanche of being introduced to amazing people.  People who are inspiring me, people who are pushing me to go higher up that mountain, people I’m producing shows with.  I don’t need to name names, he knows who he is.

Then along came The Beautiful and The Damned.  As I said earlier, getting over my stage fright has me featuring again, Thursday night I was a feature at The Beautiful and The Damned.  I was honoured to share the stage with Helen Posno and Kat Leonard, it was a magical night.  The people I have met since becoming part of this amazing reading series blow me away on a daily basis and are inspiring me as a writer and performer.  Though I didn’t meet Kat at the series, she too is one of those people.  So much so we are producing a show with the equally wonderful Arlene Paculan.

Oh… but it doesn’t stop there.  A beautiful girl named Ellie Anderson, not only wrote a song for me, but made a video.  How does anyone top that?  Note to anyone out there who is wanting to woo me, you’ve got a long way to go to beat Ellie!  She raised the bar pretty damned high!

The week, it ain’t over yet. Last night was a girlfriend date with Cate at the Alumni Theatre. Seeing Cosi reminded me how much I love the insanity and chaos of my life. Sunday I will be heading to the Local to listen to a band I am considering for another show I’m creating.  I will also be in good company that night.

This girl, she’s pretty damned lucky and has to remember to count her stars each and every day because I’m only up to 2000.


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