Vaudeville, Silent Movies and me…

Tonight I’m going to The Local to check out The Boxcar Boys.  A ragtime band, that has me intrigued.  I’m actually on the outlook for all kinds of Vaudeville acts.  So if you are one, message me. I’m working on  a new project that involves Vaudeville. My passion for the Silent Film era and the 20’s have me realizing I need to take that knowledge and do something about it.  So I am!

I’m keeping the details hushed for now.  Soon it will all come to light.  I’m excited about this project, excited in a way I haven’t been in a long time.  Since meeting certain people in the last 2 years, returning to performing, I  seem to have relit a fire under my arse that burnt out. In the process I’ve also allowed myself fall back in love with my silent movie collection, last night drooling over Harold Lloyd.  I’d forgotten how much I relate to him.  Along with revisiting my movie collection, I have delved into biographies, I am currently devouring Without Laying Down, a brilliant biography about Francis Marion and other women of the Silent era.

In the meantime, back to Harold.

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