A typical Saturday nite…

Gypsy like strategy
wandering the streets
seeking out live music
eccentric company
a glass of liquid barley

multi genre movie-a-thons
while flipping albums
the old fashioned way
crushed grapes brimming
an invisible rimmed glass

lovingly writing, editing
dreaming of beings
in unnatural worlds
pounding at plastic keys
as mourning birds chirp

lingering on a concrete bench
splashed echos of silence
serendipity, laughter, raised voices
pebbles filling my shoes
as I find my path home

this sixth night
the comforting voice
of a dream gentleman
Jimmy Stewarts words
mixing with mine

no such thing
as a typical Saturday nite
from the vantage point
of a redheaded girl
drinking in life’s elixir

 (always inspired by Smiki)


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