Grain of Salt

When is a Lion not a Leo?


I must be some sort of Astrology anomaly.  My horoscopes are never close.  Not even by a hair. And for the most part, I don’t even fit most of a Leo’s characteristics. Once upon a time many years ago, I used to read my horoscope religiously, always disappointed with the outcome.  I ever only read them now for entertainment purposes.   I’m not even sure why I decided to look at mine today, but the whim caught me.  I found a site I used to peruse many years ago and was not surprised to find it was still in existence. The popularity of Astrology will never vanish as it is a true road to hope for many.  This site in particular does a monthly forecast for each sign and here is what mine had to say (in a nutshell).

In the month of May I was going to find my true love or a commitment to someone I am already with (1), get a raise or promotion (2) and another horoscope said I would  come into a large amount of money, after dealing with a financial crisis (I write/edit for a living, I’m always in a financial crisis lmao).  The topic of true love and an influx of cash seemed to be a very prevalent theme in most of the horoscopes I looked at for Leo. (after finding this one, I decided to compare it to a few others) Grain of salt, right?  Although, there is still a couple days left in the month.  Maybe the stars will prove me wrong. 😉   Seriously, not holding my breath.

(1)(a) “Lunar eclipses usually bring a sense of urgency to make a decision, so if you are dating, you will see your relationship change and move forward suddenly. If you are in love, you may be talking about a commitment in the future.”

(1)(b) “One of your most festive and romantic days of the month, possibly of the year, will be when Venus links to Jupiter on May 28.”  May 28th is apparently the day, don’t miss your opportunity.  (lol)

(2) “If you’ve been anxious to get a promotion or an offer for a new position, the planets are lining up to help you in a big way. If you already have a position you love, or are self-employed, this month will allow you to score a major victory, perhaps by bringing in a new client or achieving a very difficult task. You will hear praise and applause – whatever is going on, it’s sure to thrill you.”