Queen of Schlock! Oh Canada! Black Christmas

One of my all time favourite Christmas traditions is to watch Christmas themed horror movies. In the times before Gomez and when I was single, I would do this every Christmas day. I would wake up, drink too much coffee, eat waffles and have an all day movie marathon. It was my spooky, happy place. Now that I’m married, I no longer have the one day marathon, instead, I spread the movies out over the month of December. The one tradition I’ve held onto is I always kick it off with Black Christmas!

If you are unfamiliar with this Canadian horror gem, first off what? Second, you are welcome. You need to go watch the movie and then come back to this blog post. I’ll wait.

Good. Now that you have all watched it, let’s get to it. And for those in the back who still haven’t watched it, here is what this movie is about. {an aside: I’m talking about the 1974 version, you will rarely see me post remakes} This absolute masterpiece is a 1974 Canadian movie that was  produced and directed by Bob Clark. Yes, that Bob Clark (A Christmas Story, Porky’s). It stars Olivia Hussey, Keir Dullea, Margot Kidder, Andrea Martin and John Saxon. The story takes place in a sorority house and on the University of Toronto campus and is about a group of sorority sisters who receive heavy breather, creep phone calls from a deranged killer. Oh, and it takes place right around Christmas!

Trivia: The movie is titled Silent Night, Evil Night in the United States.

Black Christmas not only has some of the best twist and turns, it has one of the creepiest endings in any horror movie! It’s an absolutely delight to watch. It was also one of the first movies to use the point of view of the killer. Scenes in the film involving the point of view shots of the killer scaling the house was accomplished through the use of a rig designed by camera operator Bert Dunk, it was attached to Dunk’s head as he climbed up the side of the house. Over time other’s have perfected the technique. AND was the precursor to slasher movies such as Halloween!

Trivia: If you are someone who likes to check out filming locations, the interior shots of the sorority house was filmed at 6 Clarendon Crescent, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Other filming locations information can be found here. (Please remember that this is a private home and respect the privacy of the owners.)

If you want to add a few others to your Xmas Horror and b-movie viewing, also check out Silent Night, Bloody Night, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Don’t Open Until Christmas, Santa Clause vs The Martian’s and of course Gremlins!

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