Queen of Schlock! Oh Canada! Blood and Donuts

Oh my Goth heart! This is one of my absolutely favourite Canadian made, not to mention iconic, filmed in Toronto movies. Blood & Donuts is truly a piece of Canadiana that you all must witness.

What is it about you ask. A sexy vampire who wakes up after 27 years to an entire new and confusing world. It was 1995 afterall. The sexy vampire befriends the late night Goddess working the counter at an 24-hour donut shop and the people who hang out there. Did I mention donuts? Damn it… now I want donuts!

This movie has it all. It’s dark and broody while being funny as hell. It was directed by iconic Canadian director Holly Dale, written by Andrew Rai Berzins, and starring Gordon Currie and Helene Clarkson. David Cronenberg plays a cameo role as the local crime boss. You get to see some of Toronto before it became condo city, along with the brilliant opening shot which feature the CN Town in the background. (see below)

I first saw this movie in the theatre and fell madly in love with it. I also bought it on VHS as soon as it came out… yes VHS. Shut-up! (fyi you can still buy the VHS tape on Amazon) I sadly, no longer have it and have been searching for a DVD copy of it. If anyone wants to buy me a copy for Yule, I’d love you forever.

The next time I watch it though… I need to get donuts. I say I’m going to do that every single time… but then I forget. It just means, I get to watch this movie again! There are no complaints from me. If you haven’t seen this movie, you need to. If you are a goth and haven’t seen this movie… what’s wrong with you???

I also wanted to add, I’ve been asked a few times why I don’t give more thorough breakdowns and synopsis of the movies. I thought I should address that. I don’t want to write a post with spoilers, I would rather talk about why I did or didn’t like a movie, in hopes that you will watch the movie. There are enough blogs out there with spoilers.

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