Stay The Fuck Home and Browse Vintage Catalogues Edition

As a child, I was quite shy and would spend a lot of time with myself. I preferred my own company. Aside from that, I also spend a lot of time with my Great Grandpa Bill. He was a great story teller, especially ghost stories. More than that he was a very interesting man.

One of the things he enjoyed was collecting vintage catalogues, eventually, he would collect reproduction catalogues. I was intrigued with them. He would let me look at the reproductions while he supervised as some of the vintage catalogues were too frail. Two of the ones I loved the most were from 1901 and 1927 (Eaton’s). I obsessively looked at them. When he passed away, those two catalogues were given to me and I still have them.

Occasionally, I will use these catalogues or other online catalogues as inspiration for characters in stories I’m writing for for garments I am making. Below are a few I often peruse. You might get some enjoyment out of them as well!

Eaton’s Spring and Summer Catalogue 1907

Archives of Ontario

Library and Archives Canada

Digital Kingston

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