Stay The Fuck Home Learn How To Crochet Edition

I have a little bit of a confession. I didn’t learn how to crochet at the same time I learned how to knit because I thought it was too complicated and I refused to learn how. Then one day I said what the fuck! (I actually said that) and bought a crochet hook, and then put on a YouTube video. This was right when YouTube started, so 2005/2006 ish and the video was about ten minutes long and really shitty quality, but… I learned the basics of how to crochet and I haven’t looked back. So… if I can learn from a crappy video back in 2005/2006, you definitely have a huge advantage learning in 2020.

Just like knitting, I still use YouTube to learn new stitches and techniques. I also have a bunch of books on stitches on my bookshelf.

Below are some of my favourite beginner videos for crochet as well as some pattern sites and book suggestions.

How to Crochet


It’s always good to have a book or two on how to crochet along with some stitch guides. Also, another of my favourites is the Stitch ‘n Bitch book on how to crochet.

Free Patterns

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