Stay The Fuck Home The Pre-Code Movie Edition

I’ve always been madly in love with Pre-Code movies and their sassy dames! I am channelling them right now, especially Barbara Stanwyck. These women were tough, innovative, creative, resourceful and sassy. The dialogue in these movies is magical and the stories intriguing and inspiring. They are a great distraction in a time where we need to take our minds off what is going on. Below are some of my favourite blogs and I’ve listed movies you can find on YouTube.


Meet Me By The Soda Fountain

Shadows and Satin

Hollywood Genes

Classic Movie Hub


Privilege of Legends

Movies to Stream (free)

Freemeo (channel) has a lot of Pre-code movies.

Sensation Hunters

Red Haired Alibi

Pizza Flix (channel) has a lot of Pre-code movies.

Paradise Island


Party Girl

Back Street



  1. Thank you for including me & for posting these great pre-code links! I’m gonna check them out and watch a few of these this weekend. I love your Stay the Fuck Home series, too (-“and the spirit of it!). Pre-code is such a fantastic time in cinema. I gotta know: What are your favorite precodes and who are your fave precode ladies?

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