Is all the colours of the rainbow!

PRIDE weekend is upon us.  I am lucky to be part of such an amazing community that is supportive, loving and downright fabulous!

This year I get to perform during PRIDE with The Beautiful & The Damned committee (David Bateman, Duncan Armstrong, Philip Cairns, DM Moore and myself)!  One of the amazing things I’ve done since returning to performing.   The details are below.  Get your sexy asses out to the parade and all the performances!  In the same venue, later in the day will also be some of my favourite ladies, including Rex Baunsit.  Please check out Iman Wain, Meghan Morrison and Arlene Paculan and of course Rex.

July 1, 3-4 pm
Clean Sober And Proud Place
The Community Cafe
Paul Kane Parkade
(on the north side of Wellesley St. between Yonge and Church)

Join us during Pride for a Spoken Work Musical Jam accompanied by Amoeba Starfish at the Clean Sober and Proud Place, The Community Cafe, Paul Kane Parkade (east of Yonge, north side of Welleseley). Map is on their website

Our fabulous, damned and beautiful committee members will each be reading.

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