Ode To Zelda’s

On March 24, 2011 something amazing happened, a monumental moment that would change my life as well as many others. I attended a poetry reading at the Fabulous Zelda’s. A catalyst to what was to come. A new beginning.

The event itself was fun, but it was the place itself, something about it gathered together six people, six minds with a similar plan, a plan that became The Beautiful & The Damned.

Since being part of the series I have started performing again, met people who have changed not only my outlook, but my life. This oddball freak of nature finally feels like she is part of something, part of a community. This chapter of my life began at Zelda’s.

Zelda’s was not only a fabulous restaurant and performance space, rather a home and a cornerstone in the Queer community. We will not only miss Zelda’s, we will miss her extraordinary staff. The best ladies you could ever know. I wish them all the best, you’ve been a huge part of the last year of my life and will always be in my heart!


  1. I’ve enjoyed Zelda’s in whatever location it dwelled– Zelda made each building a place to belong, to seek out adventure, friendship and inspiration. The staff was always a delight and the food and drinks were deeeelicious!!!! I will always cherish the memories of the colours and music and laughter and hope to one day walk into a new Zelda’s. 🙂

  2. sad and sorry but glad I had the chance to stand and deliver on that stage, swing from that stripper pole & bask in the light from the mirror ball

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