When you love someone, tell them. Circumstances should never be a factor.

My Dealing Michelle posted the below picture on my Facebook wall today.  When I saw it, it reminded me of someone who holds a special place in my heart and that I love how goofy they are.  That and one of my dearest friends, who had the Kahona’s today to tell someone how she felt about them,  got me thinking about love.

Have you ever loved someone so much your heart feels like it will burst from your chest, yet are terrified to tell them because you aren’t sure if they will reject you.  When you love someone, shouldn’t you be able to tell them, no matter what the circumstances are?  Why are we as humans so afraid to express this?  Animals have no fear expressing love or showing affection, yet as these creatures who are supposedly superior or rather think we are, we either can’t express our natural instincts for affection or when told by someone, rather than accept the possibilities, will run.

Of late I have also questioned this ‘in love’ deal.  Does it really exist? Isn’t it better to be with someone who is your best friend, who you have fun with, are happy with, who you love and trust, rather than seeking out that Snuffalupogus ‘in love’.  I personally think we have been programmed by fiction and ‘romantic comedies’ to think you aren’t with The One, unless you are feeling that magical emotion.

Personally I’m tired of having to hide the way I feel because saying it might be viewed as inappropriate or I might be rejected by that other person.  I am not one to give my love freely and if I do love you, there is a really good reason behind my emotions and if we continue to be in each others lives, love comes into play at some point.  Whether  a lover, friend or family, we as beings are built to feel this.

So… feel it I will.  And say it without fear.

Tell someone you love them.  Tell someone how beautiful you think they are and do it with a brave heart.