Jang Bang Bar

Upcoming in May

Upcoming in May!!!

This Wednesday am reading at the Jang Bang bar for the Gorgeous Ellie Anderson! At Get Your Groove On!


Though not hosting this month, would love to see you at the monthly event I run called The Beautiful & The Damned on May 10 at Zelda’s! https://www.facebook.com/events/242748215824326/

AND if that wasn’t enough… another great reading series I’m involved with. The Plasticine Reading Series at Paupers. (I won’t be at this one, but it’s a great series to support!)


May is all about Lizzie 😉

Ellie Anderson… You make me smile so hard my face cracks!

This morning, I woke up to the below blog post from a woman I am equally not-so-secretly in love with. I first fell in love with this hot tamale the first time I saw her perform at The Central during a Songwriters Showcase being hosted by Marcus Walker. She is beautiful, talented, empowering and just so damn sexy! She is also one hell of a musician and slam poet! AND she inspires me to write naughty haiku’s. Please read her blog about Wonder Women IV, and get yourselves out to see her play. She is hosting the upcoming Get Your Groove On! Music and Poetry Night With Ellie Anderson @ the Jang Bang Bar on College, which I’m honoured to be part of.