Happy Canada Day!

Recently, I sent a suggestion to John Tory via Twitter, but considering all of the noise over there, I’m sure it won’t get seen. My suggestion was two fold, a way to help us while we are in pandemic jail (and safely) and a way to help out our small businesses. I got the idea the other day when I saw a post from @lizzieto1. She did a social distance tiki boat tour of the island and it was in conjunction with @shamefultikito. My idea was to start something called #StaycationTO. Programs such as #ActiveTO, #CurbTO and #CafeTO is working really well, so why not take elements of all of them and create a how-to guide on ways for us Torontonians to enjoy the city and do it safely, while helping small businesses out! Below are a few examples and suggestions.

1. If businesses are participating they would include a pamphlet/guide on how to do a social distance and safe staycation, promoting city programs as well as other businesses/types of businesses. It could also tell you how to put your own safe staycation together!

2. Put together packages. 

  1. I’m going to use @shamefultikiTO as an example again (along with a few other places). They currently do drink packages and have food for takeout. They recently did a tiki taxi (but I’m not sure if it was a one time thing). They could have a package deal that includes 2 drinks, a meal and a ticket to the tiki taxi. And yes, the tiki taxi has to follow the proper #socialdistance rules. We don’t want this turning into a party boat disaster or a three hour tour!
  2. A nerd picnic! Places like @seescapeto could have a nerd picnic package. It might include a meal for two or four, plus a small portable game (card game?), along with suggestions of close by parks you could have a social distance picnic at.
  3. Date night picnic. A restaurant could have a date night picnic package. It would include a meal for two, a playlist (for a phone app) of a local musician or music mix of local musicians and a map that includes park suggestions.
  4. Help out our local musicians and DJ’s. A bar/restaurant like @theholeinthewallto or @theskylinerestaurant, working with either a solo artist or a DJ, could have a weekly drink and dinner special and included in that package is a password to a zoom or some other platform, where you get a show that evening. Part of the money from the drink/dinner package goes to the musician or DJ.
  5. Cycling or walking coffee tour! Map out points of interest in the city and using bike lanes and/or bike paths and or walking,  that include coffee shops along the way. This would also work with places that sell sweet treats, like @bunner or @machinodonuts or many others.

I’m full of ideas and yes, I do realize this is a lot of work and the city is already busy, so maybe we could start this on our own! It would work for more than just Toronto, other cities or towns could do their own. You could also do versions for children as well.

Maybe we could use social media to get it started? If you do your own version, please copy me in and use hashtag #staycationTO. Please, make sure you do this safely, social distance and respect the rules of the businesses you go into and those around you!. We want to get rid of Covid19 in our city! Enjoy your summer safely!

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Stay The Fuck Home DJs and Virtual Dance Party Edition

Sometimes, even the hardest of nuts can crack. I’m a pretty hard nut and up until the last few days have been ok. Then… depression has started creeping back in. For myself, when this happens, I find music really helps. Especially going out to see it live. Since we are living in the Twilight Zone, that’s not possible and I’ve been listening to a lot of music. It’s a good way to lift your soul and get your ass moving. We are need to find ways to get our asses off the couch!

Here are some of my favourite DJ’s and I’ve thrown in a few virtual dance parties!

DJ Blush

(April 18) Saturday Night Studio 54 Dance Party LIVE

Dj Cher and Slow Fizz

(April 25)

DJ Misty Fujii or

(April 24) The!! Beat *Virtual* Dance Party (It’ll start early in Toronto @ 8am but will go until noon 🙂 AND it’ll be up for two weeks on twitch to watch later too.)

Mark Malibu’s GoGo Radio Show Mark Malibu’s Surfin’ a Go Go Radio Show is every Sunday at 2 PM EST on Surf Rock Radio

Radiocore’s DJ’s have been doing a lot of Facebook Live events! or

DJ Starboy TO

DJ Swankenstein
(April 18) Nothin’ more fun and tasty than a Cheeseburger in Quarantine. Next Saturday night Apr. 18 at 6pm EST on Twitch at Then, Margaritaville U’s Virtual Trivia night goes live at 7pm EST. Get over to the page and get yourself signed up for your chance to win some fab Margaritaville swag and prizes.