Bat Adventures and Bats in Art

How many bats does it take to make me happy? All of the bats! All. Of. The. Bats! Yes, I’m a bit batty. See what I did there… Right… Back to bats. I’ve been thinking a lot about bats from more a creative view. We see them in movies, songs and on t-shirts. Their imagery is everywhere, but, what about bats in historical pieces of art or art in general. Cats, dogs, birds and insects show up all of the time in art, but, do bats? They sure do!

Japan Bat appear in a lot of Japanese art. The images can be both terrifying and humorous.

Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, Bats and Umbrellas, 1882

Utagawa Hiroshige – Bats, Japan, 1840-1850

There are thousands of vintage bat illustrations. I use them all of the time in my bat posts. They are my absolute favourite!

Ariel on a Bat That’s right, bats also appear in religious art, medieval art and art of all of the ages!

If you want to read more about bats in art, I have included a few links below to amazing articles on that subject!

Each time I post, I am going to also suggest music that goes with bat adventures! Today I’m suggesting Shook Boys!

Type of bats: Big Brown Bats
No. Mosquito bites: 0 (not sure how I’ve made it this far without getting bit, the bats are doing their work!)

A side note. Since May long weekend it has been non stop fireworks every, single night. Then Canada Day and now the fireworks are even crazier every night. Fireworks not only affect pets, please remember is scares the wildlife as well! I haven’t seen as many bats in our hood and I attribute it to all of the loud noises. Please stop!

Here is a link I’ve created to all of our bat sightings.

Important: Do not handle bats. They can carry the rabies virus. Only those who have been properly vaccinated and have knowledge of bats should be handling them. If you find a bat in your home call a bat rescue. Do not call an exterminator, call a rescue. Bats are important for our environment. I have links below for rescues.

Types of bats in Ontario:
High Park Nature Centre:
Bat rescues:

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