Dr X: Psychologist

If you are a fan of 1930s serials/Victorian Penny Dreadfuls, check out the one I’ve started over on Wattpad. The link is https://www.wattpad.com/919907049-doctor-x-psychologist-just-another-day-at-the. It’s free!

Here is the blurb I’ve written for it.

Hey all! I’ve started writing a 1930s style serial/Victorian Penny Dreadful over in Wattpad. The link for the weekly instalments will be in my profile. It’s called Doctor X Psychologist.

Doctor X isn’t your ordinary Psychologist, well… he isn’t actually a licensed one any longer. We will get to that. No license, that sure isn’t going to stop him, plus his clientele isn’t really… your usual clientele. Serial killers, occultists, cannibals, a woman who dates a Satyr. Yes… you heard that right — a woman who dates a Satyr. Even human’s dating Satyr’s need relationship advice one in a while.

Need an appointment yourself? Is a Succubus keeping you up at night? Is the ghost of your murdered mother weighing you down with guilt? Stop on by the office of Doctor X and book yourself in.

Written in the fashion of a #1930s movie serial, with a dash of a Victorian Penny Dreadful, I hope you enjoy Doctor X.

There is also an option to vote for me! Please do, it will help my story get seen on Wattpad.

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