Bat Adventures Bats and Crows and Crows and Bats.

Wait one minute! Aren’t these blog posts supposed to be about bats! Well… yes. They are, but it doesn’t mean I can’t be obsessed with two things! In addition to bats, I also love spiders, ravens and crows. As a matter of a fact, along with my bat sightings, I am also including crow sightings in the map I created (link at bottom of post).

I’ve noticed that since COVID has started I am starting to see Corvids, especially crows, return to my neighbourhood. This makes me incredibly happy as I always found it odd that crows are in almost every other neighbourhood in Toronto, why not mine! After all, we live near the biggest park in the city!

To learn more about Corvids, click here.

Type of bats: Large Brown Bats
No. Mosquito bites: 0

Here is a link I’ve created to all of our bat sightings.

Important: Do not handle bats. They can carry the rabies virus. Only those who have been properly vaccinated and have knowledge of bats should be handling them. If you find a bat in your home call a bat rescue. Do not call an exterminator, call a rescue. Bats are important for our environment. I have links below for rescues.

Types of bats in Ontario:
High Park Nature Centre:
Bat rescues:


  1. Due to improved air quality the quantity of birds has increased considerably – I don’t recall seeing so many robins etc as are around this year.

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