Bat Adventures & Vintage Campers

I’ve always had this fantasy of owning a late 1950s or 1960s Shasta camper. One that was small enough to pull behind a car and large enough to be comfortable for two people. We could travel the country from one coast to the other, seeing all of the sights Canada has to offer and in the evening we would sit under our awning, have a BBQ and when dusk approached, get out our bat detector and see what the night has to offer up.

I’ve always loved bats and these days want to do more than just looks for them. I want to learn all I can about them. Understand their calls and be able to visually identify different types of bats when I see them fly overhead. Mother Nature Network has a pretty good guide on what different bat species look like up close and personal. However, this is just a small list.

For North America there are several types and we see many of them here in Toronto. Below is a handy picture guide.

Additionally, here are some more bat picture charts.

Each time I post, I am going to also suggest music that goes with bat adventures! Today I’m suggesting Mark Malibu & The Wasagas. I think that surf music goes with vintage campers and summer. I also think it goes with bat adventures.


Type of bats: Large Brown Bats
No. Mosquito bites: 0

Here is a link I’ve created to all of our bat sightings.

Important: Do not handle bats. They can carry the rabies virus. Only those who have been properly vaccinated and have knowledge of bats should be handling them. If you find a bat in your home call a bat rescue. Do not call an exterminator, call a rescue. Bats are important for our environment. I have links below for rescues.

Types of bats in Ontario:
High Park Nature Centre:
Bat rescues:

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