Stay The Fuck Home Real Talk Edition

What day or week are we on with Pandemic Jail? I’ve actually lost count. I’m sure most of you have as well. I thought I would take a break from posting my usual tips and tricks or weird content to talk about how I’m feeling. If this isn’t your thing, it’s ok, something fun, hopefully helpful or weird will be posted tomorrow I’m sure.

I’m and introvert, who in all honesty is ok with self-isolation. I was a weird kid who hid in her room when people were over or went off and sat under a tree to read at outdoor functions. I’ve freelanced off and on through out my life and am used to working at home, but wooooo weeeeeeee, there is a huge difference between being used to working at home and being stuck there or 7 or 8 or what that actual fuck week is this? If this girl is over it…

There is a light at the end of the tunnel. In Ontario some businesses are beginning to open again. It will be a slow trickle till everything is open, but this is a beginning. It’s giving me some hope that I will be able to see my friends soon, be able to start doing Killer B Cinema again soon, go out to events, see silent films again at The Revue, eat at our favourite restaurants, be able to buy fabric again!

Fabric? Why is that a top priority when I get out? Because this girl does creative things, including sewing her own clothing to stay sane. That is fucking why? I’m actually running out of things and I had a pretty generous stash before all of this happened. Who knew I could actually run out of these things!

But… back to real talk. That light at the end of the tunnel, it’s really there and we are finally starting to get there and you know what that means? It means we need to pull our britches up a bit more and keep doing what we are doing, because it is fucking working! I know most of us are getting impatient, hell, I’m getting impatient, however, if we keep on our path we will be let out of Pandemic Jail sooner than later. Please don’t jump the gun! If we do this right, if we keep our minds and continue to be patient, we may stop a second wave or if there is one, it will be minimal. DON’T MAKE ME LOSE HALLOWEEN!!!!

Seriously though, let’s keep up with the amazing work we are doing. Let’s get out of Pandemic Jail because of good behaviour and not because we broke out! Because they will catch us and they will throw us back in, with added time!

WE’VE got this!

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