Do You Believe in Big Foot?

Sasquatch? Big Foot? Yeti? This creature goes by many names and its legend is hundreds or maybe even thousands of years old. There are cave paintings of it, its image appears on ancient artifacts and of course there is shaky camera footage.

My other question is, why is footage of Big Foot either blurry or shaky? One of the most famous bits of footage is the Roger Patterson film shot in Bluff Creek, California in the autumn of 1967. Every time another Big Foot sighting is mentioned the footage makes the rounds.

There has been more recent footage bouncing around the interwebs. One clip is taken during a boat tour along Banff National Park and the other is footage of buffalo roaming in Yellowstone National Park. Both have Big Foot wandering around in the background. In the Yellowstone National Park footage you will see four ‘Big Foot’ at the 3 minute mark.

Banff National Park

Yellowstone National Park

Here are a few articles you can also read on the subject of Big Foot.

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Let’s take a poll. Do you think it is staged or real?

{I’m not saying that Big Foot doesn’t exist. There is a large percentage of the Canadian wilderness that has not been explored, so… who knows. I just wish we could see evidence that isn’t a shaky camera.}

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