The Bat Days of August

12-18, August 2019

Sadly…. this will be a short blog post. I wasn’t able to go on any bat adventures this week. Last Sunday, the day we had our best bat sightings yet, I was bitten 17 times my mosquitos (from the knees down). There was a reason the bats were so active that night. Unfortunately, I had a bad reaction to being bitten and had a few sleepless nights and decided to avoid being out after dusk due to the fact I didn’t want to get any new bites. How that the bites are healing up, we are hoping to get out this week.

One of the reason I got so badly bitten is I won’t use bug spray. The natural stuff doesn’t work on me and the chemical laced stuff is bad for the environment.

Here is a link to an article about why we need bats!

Type of bats: Large Brown Bat
No. Mosquito bites: Too many to count!

Here is a link I’ve created to all of our bat sightings.

Important: Do not handle bats. They can carry the rabies virus. Only those who have been properly vaccinated and have knowledge of bats should be handling them. If you find a bat in your home call a bat rescue. Do not call an exterminator, call a rescue. Bats are important for our environment. I have links below for rescues.

Types of bats in Ontario:
High Park Nature Centre:
Bat rescues:


  1. Hope you’re feeling better this week. That’s a lot of mosquito bites! There must be some kind of natural repellent you can use; careful of West Nile virus. If you ever decide to come out to my ‘hood with the bat detector, let me know.

  2. I love bats! Hope you area feeling better! I loved this blog! I learned a lot of good facts that I never knew about bats!

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