Teacups. I have a lot of them.  I tried to mentally count how many teacups and saucers I have and I am guessing I have somewhere around 50 or 60 sets.  My mother can attest to this. When I was a child/teenager, for every birthday, special occasion or holiday my grandma Betty would give me a set. I cherish them. They are each individual works of art. A reminder of a woman I truly loved and miss each day.

I don’t get enough occasions to use my teacups. I have often wanted to have a high tea so I can get all the ones I have out of the cupboard, dust them off and pour delicious Earl Grey into them.  Have everyone enjoy them.  I wish I had a fancy cabinet so I could display them all, but alas, being in an apartment, I don’t really have the room.  (A large number of the the tea cups are with my Mamasita and she has them displayed in her China cabinet.) Last night I was given an opportunity to use them.  Some friends joined in to watch the season premiere of Downtown Abbey and of course we needed to have afternoon tea to accompany the viewing.  As precious as they are, these beautiful pieces of bone-china need to be used more often than they have been, if for anything other than what they represent.

My teacups were given to me in love. As ways to celebrate.  Each teacup is individual, unique and beautiful.  They have their own stories and the stories of the person who made the cup.  A story that accompanies each use, by the person drinking from it. These teacups are used by people I love, all of them individual, unique and beautiful. The teacups represent love, friendship, life. All precious and something that can be broken at any time. Something we need to cherish, appreciate and never take for granted. This week has reminded me of all of these things.

As with teacups, love should not be hidden away in a cupboard.  Life should not collect dust. For every chance we don’t take, is a great moment lost in life. This year I have moved forward in my career as a writer, lost a fur baby, found love and lost a good friend. I consider myself lucky, loved and I will work hard to ensure I never take this for granted. 

The loss of my friend has hit myself and many others hard.  He was 58.  An incredibly talented poet, visual artist, musician and radio host.  He was a peer, a hero and a champion of the arts.  He was loved by many and leaves a legacy. 58 is young, too young. Nik crammed a lot of life into those 58 years. Though some of it was hard, all of it was beautiful.  He represents someone who never kept the teacups in the cupboard.  They always out for all to see, many to enjoy.  They were always filled with love, conversation and creativity. A true inspiration on how life should be lived.  My teacups will no longer be hidden in the cupboard.

There are few hours in life more agreeable than the hour dedicated to the ceremony known as afternoon tea. ~Henry James


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