Knotty Noir

Another great review from Duncan!


The August Noir hosted by Lizzie Violet, was her Cabaret’s farewell to Q Space, which is sadly closing at the end of the month. Noir is moving to The Central in September.

After a round of open stagers (including myself), dancer Andraya hit the stage with the first of her three numbers. Her performances were scattered throughout the show. It was refreshing to watch dance that was from the body, dance didn’t feel compelled to tell a story (as seen on So You Think You Can Dance.) Andraya didn’t overwhelm with flashy physical prowess but invited us in with a vocabulary of small shoulder gestures, sharp arm movements and emotional longing. She went from stillness to fluidity with appealing intensity, leaving the stage in a flurry of glitter.

I Feel Free: Belinda Carlisle: one of the pieces Andraya danced to:

Second feature knot rivals brought a handful of deeply emotional…

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