When a love poem is really a poem about love…

I’ve been working on a piece, off and on for about a week now. At first it felt like the beginnings of a love poem and this felt odd. I don’t write love poems. I write about relationships, love and everything that goes with it. The more I worked on the piece, the more I realised I was right. It was a poem about love and a love that is very dear to my heart.

As I write, I edit verbally. Meaning, I read the piece out loud and when spoken if it doesn’t flow, I know it needs work. I’ve been having a lot of trouble editing this piece because every time I read it out loud I get choked up. I want to submit this piece, but it’s too raw in it’s current state. How does one get around this? Aside from that, will I ever be able to compose myself enough to read it in front of others?

I’m going to put it aside for a few days. And when I’m feeling brave enough, will hopefully be able to complete it. I know when I started it, it needed to be birthed and I will see it through till the cutting of the umbilical cord. Maybe then I can also let go of this heaviness that has attached itself to it.


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