A Synapsis of Poetry: May 6-12, 2013

Cytopoetics Events

Moving right along … the cold winter and the unnaturally cool spring have finally yielded to patios, sunshine and many other unmistakable indications that summer, finally, is just around the corner. In some ways, it makes us want to break out and be in nature. But truly, what could be more natural for the beautiful, educated and intriguing humans you must be than checking out Toronto’s spoken word and poetry slam scene? After all, you’re reading this blog, which puts you among the best informed participants in the local arts scene. Why should I keep you a moment longer from finding out what you need to know for this week, you ask? Well, I shouldn’t! So here it is:


The Mississauga Arts Council presents the Rebel Talent Show where youth will showcase their talent in support of positive mental health. The show is at the Noel Ryan Auditorium 

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