Fan Dancers & Bibles


Lizzie Violet hosted another Cabaret Noir packed house. Q Space has done a bit of spring renovating – shifting the books shelves into the back space which makes for a warmer sound for the performers and gives the shows more of salon feeling.

After some excellent open stagers (including me) first feature Brandon Pitts, did a dynamic set. He has a great physical sense of the stage – stepping on & off it, crouching, standing tall, reaching out – all fitted carefully but naturally into the flow of his words. His writing is verbally rich with religious and pop images that rush to give momentary pictures and scenes ‘the veil that touched your hand as you reached for the cross,’ ‘a number tattooed on his chest as an ISP,’ ‘the customized Bible delivered with a rifle.’

After a break we were treated to Canadian rock troubadour Nelson Sobral

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