Empowered and what’s up next!!!!

This has been one amazing week!!!  It started with me hosting Wordspell on Wednesday, attending Supermen (part of Wonderfest) on Thursday, performing at Wonder Women VI (also part of Wonderfest) Friday night, seeing Cate’s play today AND tomorrow I burst the cherry for Lizzie Violet’s Cabaret Noir.  And boy…. do I need a nap!  But it doesn’t stop there.  Up next week, another reading series I run with 3 other lovely performers, The Beautiful & The Damned, hosted by the amazing DM Moore! Then April 4th I am a feature at the Carousel launch for issue 31.  Though I am in issue 30 I will be reading my piece that is published in issue 30.  This entire week has been about empowerment through art.  I am also so blessed to have so many talented friends.  It isn’t just about friendship, it’s about how much we love and support each other. As an artist, I might be poor financially, but am a bajillionaire when it comes to the people in my life!

These are the upcoming events! More to come 🙂



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